How to Store Propane Cylinders

Three gas containers

Propane use is widespread among Americans, and is a viable alternative to gasoline in many cases. However, consumers must know how to store propane cylinders properly in order to stay safe and ensure that their propane will be useful. The most important aspects are the location of the storage and the position of the propane cylinder.

Propane cylinders should never be kept inside, whether in a house, a garage, a tool shed, or anything else. It is very important that they be stored in a well-ventilated outdoors and on a dry, flat, non-flammable surface. If the propane container is exposed to moisture, the entire cylinder may be useless. It is also important that the propane be kept away from any other flammable or combustible materials. Additionally, a propane cylinder’s safety relief valve should always be positioned so that it is in contact with the vapor space inside the tank, not the liquid. This means that, when stored horizontally, the relief valve should be on top so that it leads to vapor only.

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