• How Might Water Leak into Your Home?

    Dripping kitchen faucet

    The day human beings brought water into their homes was a giant step forward for the comfort of countless generations of people after them. Unfortunately, floods do not bring the same type of convenience as indoor plumbing. Not only can water leaks and floods cause hundreds or even thousands dollars of dollars’ worth of damage, but they can also create an unsafe living environment for everyone inside your home. You can rent equipment to clean up the mess, but knowing how water got into your home in the first place is the key to preventing future floods.

    Leaky Faucets

    Old and worn-out faucet washers and gaskets frequently cause leaks in faucets. Even a small dripping leak can cause hundreds of gallons of water to collect on your countertops or floors. Over time, this water can cause serious damage, including mold growth and wood rot. Luckily, replacing leaky faucet washers and gaskets is relatively simple and can be performed in a single afternoon.

    Leaky Toilets

    One of the most common causes of a leaky toilet is an old or worn-out toilet flapper. Also called a valve seal, the flapper is an inexpensive rubber part that can build up minerals or decay over time. You can clean up a wet bathroom floor with a propane forced air heater or a radiant propane heater. To fix the leak, check the flapper and replace it if necessary.

    Leaky Showerheads

    Although a leaky showerhead will most likely leak directly into the bathtub and down the drain, the water crawling down the side of your shower can lead to mold and mildew that can be tricky to remove and possible even harmful to your health. To troubleshoot a leaky showerhead , make sure there is a tight connection between the showerhead and the pipe stem. If there is a gap, apply pipe tape to make the connection watertight.

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  • Moving Heavy Items Without Injuring Yourself

    Man That Hurts!

    Even light items can cause severe back pain if you do not use proper lifting techniques. Back pain can go away on its own, or it can linger for months or even years after the initial injury. To reduce your risk of injury, take your time to examine the object that you will move. Stand close to the load that you have to carry and carefully lift up one edge to get an idea of how heavy it is. If you can safely lift it, put your feet shoulder-width apart and tighten your abdominal muscles while lifting up with your legs. If the object is too heavy to move, use a dolly or cart to assist your efforts.

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  • Renovating Your Home? A-1 Equipment Rental Center Has the Tools and Equipment You Need!

    A1 Rental Center

    Whether you are replacing a few slabs of concrete along your sidewalk or adding on a second level, every home improvement project has major implications. After all, the work you put into your home will be visible to anyone who visits, and especially to anyone who lives there. To help with all of your home renovation projects, A-1 Equipment Rental Center offers a variety of rental tools and equipment that makes short work of virtually any remodeling endeavor. Here is a brief look at the many rental tools we offer for your home improvement project.

    Heavy-Duty Lawn and Garden Equipment

    If you are installing new landscaping details or simply clearing dead trees and overhanging brush, we have the lawn and garden equipment you need to make your property look great. We have brush chippers, hydraulic log splitters, gas-powered pole saws, lawn aerators, leaf blowers, sod cutters, stump grinders, and more.

    Concrete Equipment

    There are many areas around your home where a fresh batch of concrete could do wonders. No matter where you are pouring concrete , A-1 Equipment Rental Center has the concrete equipment you need to complete the job. We offer towable mixers, knockdown concrete mixers, troweling machines, planners, and more. We also offer small tools such as jitterbug tampers and bull floats to help you put the finishing touches on your project.

    Air Tools and Compressors

    No matter what type of home improvement job you are undertaking, air-powered tools and accessories will help you get the job done much faster than using hand-powered tools. From air-powered nail guns and rivet busters to portable air compressors, we have the air tools and equipment you need for a fast and precision job.

    In the Bay Area, nobody beats A-1 Equipment Rental Center. From small tools to heavy-duty equipment, we rent out a wide variety of tools and equipment for residential and commercial use. Visit our website to browse our complete inventory of equipment and tool rentals, or call us at (650) 369-2992 to speak with one of our associates about your specific rental needs.

  • Gutter Cleaning Tips

    When gutters become clogged with debris, they are not as effective at directing water away from the foundation of your home. Gutters that are full of debris are also much heavier than they are when empty, which increases the possibility that they will detach from your roof and fall to the ground. To prevent damage to your home, clean out your gutters once in the spring and once in the fall. In this video, you will learn tips for cleaning out your gutters.

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  • How to Store Propane Cylinders

    Three gas containers

    Propane use is widespread among Americans, and is a viable alternative to gasoline in many cases. However, consumers must know how to store propane cylinders properly in order to stay safe and ensure that their propane will be useful. The most important aspects are the location of the storage and the position of the propane cylinder.

    Propane cylinders should never be kept inside, whether in a house, a garage, a tool shed, or anything else. It is very important that they be stored in a well-ventilated outdoors and on a dry, flat, non-flammable surface. If the propane container is exposed to moisture, the entire cylinder may be useless. It is also important that the propane be kept away from any other flammable or combustible materials. Additionally, a propane cylinder’s safety relief valve should always be positioned so that it is in contact with the vapor space inside the tank, not the liquid. This means that, when stored horizontally, the relief valve should be on top so that it leads to vapor only.

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  • Important Woodworking Safety Tips

    Carpenter using electric saw

    Woodworking can be a fulfilling activity and even a profession, but the power tools involved make it also potentially dangerous. Sharp blades on electronic, motorized saws that can sometimes be difficult to handle provide plenty of opportunity for injury. However, there are several things that you can do in order to minimize your chances of mishaps while woodworking.

    Utilize Preventative Materials

    Before you begin to use any power tool, you should be equipped with the proper safety accessories and clothing . You should always have goggles or a mask for eye protection, headphones for ear protection, and a dust mask to prevent the inhalation of dust or splinters. It is also a good idea to wear long sleeves and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

    Always Pay Attention

    One of the most important contributors to safety while woodworking is paying attention. This means being aware of both yourself and your surroundings. Avoid woodworking if you are tired, preoccupied, or have been drinking alcohol. Adhering to this precaution will not only promote your safety, but will also facilitate doing a better job. Additionally, ensure that when you are not using a tool, it is not plugged in. An unplugged tool cannot accidentally turn on and present danger.

    Know What Not to Cut Through

    There are certain aspects of wood that should not be cut through, regardless of the tool you are using. If you come across a knot in the wood, do not cut through it because it can not only cause a kickback and make it harder to control your tool, but it can also dull or damage your blade. It is also important to remove any screws or nails from wood before cutting, or they could be propelled through the air and injure you or someone in the vicinity of your workspace.

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  • How to Safely Use an Extension Ladder

    An extension ladder is a useful tool for many projects, but it is important that it is used safely and responsibly. Watch this video to find out how to safely use an extension ladder.

    Lay your ladder on the ground with its feet against the object you will be leaning against. Slowly raise the opposite end rung by rung until it is vertical and flat against the surface. Pull the bottom part of the ladder towards yourself and rest the feet of the ladder firmly on the ground. Next, pull the rope to extend the ladder to the height that you desire and make sure that the metal catches are holding the pieces in place. Remember to keep both feet and at least one hand on the ladder at any given time, and always face the wall.

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