• Color Trends In 2013

    If you are thinking about painting your home, you should consider using one of the latest color trends. In addition to impressing your friends and family, using a modern color trend will make your home more attractive to potential buyers if you plan to sell it.

    In this video, a home design professional talks about the major color trends of 2013. One of these trends involves painting the ceiling a deep-rich color and the walls a more subtle color, which gives the room a pleasing atmosphere. To learn how to incorporate this design into your home, watch the video.

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  • Caring for Your Wooden Floors

    Living Room

    Wooden floors can make a house look incredible and boost property value. However, if you have wooden floors in your home, you have to know how to take care of them. For some helpful tips on caring for wooden flooring, continue reading below or call your local equipment rental provider .

    Prevent Sun Exposure

    Sunlight is an enemy of wood flooring that can cause severe fading and discoloration. As a result, to take care of your floors, you should do all you can to prevent sun-related flooring damage. In addition to placing rugs near windows that let in a lot of sunlight, you need to close window coverings when you leave the house each day. Following these simple steps will keep your floors looking vibrant and appealing.

    Remove Stains

    Stains do not look good on wooden floors. Fortunately, if your floors do get stained, there is no reason to panic. To remove stains on untreated wood flooring, simply apply a refresher product using a floor polishing tool . If you have treated wood floors, you can eliminate stains by scrubbing the affected area with some steel wool.

    Use Floor Runners

    Over a long period of time, wood floors can start to look worn out from being walked on too much. To prevent this from happening, always have members of your family and visiting guests remove their shoes before walking on your floors. Also, put down carpet runners in areas that get a lot of foot traffic, such as stairways.

    Avoid Water Spills

    Excess moisture can cause wood floors to become warped. Because of this, you should be careful not to spill water and other liquids on wooden floors and to only use cleaning products that have been specifically developed for the flooring type you have. If you do happen to spill a liquid on the floor, clean it up as fast as possible.

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  • Preparing to Paint a Room

    Painting a room is a major home renovation task. However, before you get your roller out and start painting, you need to plan first. This will not only guarantee that your finished product looks fantastic, but can also help you to avoid making mistakes. When preparing to paint a room, you should first inspect the walls for any cracks or dents and make repairs as necessary. Next, mix warm water and detergent in a bucket and scrub the walls with the solution, being careful to clean any spots that are dirty. Afterwards, scrape and sand any areas that have chipped or peeling paint and apply masking tape to the floor to prevent paint damage.

    Brushing the wall by young couple

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  • Paint Color Trends to Incorporate in Your Home

    Modern homeowners are painting their homes unique color schemes, ranging from vibrant pink to ocean blue. To learn more about these and other paint color trends you can incorporate in your home, keep on reading. For painting tool rentals, contact the equipment rental company in your area.

    Design Swatches

    If you like bright colors, you will really appreciate the citrus color trend. As its name implies, this trend pairs bright citrus colors, such as grapefruit or lemon, with colors like ultramarine blue. To get design ideas to use for this for this color trend, simply look at Spanish-style rooms, which often utilize these colors in interesting ways.

    Vibrant Pink
    Are you tired of your bathroom’s plain look? Then you should consider painting it vibrant pink. This  color trend  involves painting the walls pink and adding decor, such as wall hangings, of the same color. To balance the sharpness of the pink, other elements, like dark stone countertops and tiling, can be implemented for effect.

    Ocean Blue
    To give a room a relaxing vibe, you can paint it ocean blue. Featuring darker blues, this color trend can make a room feel peaceful to guests visiting your house. Depending on which room you decide to use this color scheme in, you can complement it by using various accents. For instance, if a living room is painted with this trend in mind, ocean blue pillows can be put on the couch to add more depth.

    Clean Green
    A popular color trend being used by many homeowners nowadays is the clean green look, which involves painting the walls a light green and installing white baseboards around the room. Naturalistic and calming, this color scheme will be sure to please both family members and friends who come to your house.

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  • Cleaning Your Finished Hardwood Floors

    Finished hardwood floors can give an exquisite look to any home. As with any type of floor, however, hardwood floors can lose their appeal over time and become dirty. When this occurs, the key to getting these floors back to their original condition is to clean them.

    In this video, a flooring professional shows viewers how to clean finished hardwood floors. He explains why finished hardwood floors should never be cleaned with wax, since this can damage  a floor’s polyurethane finish. Additionally, he discusses how to use a vacuum and mop to get floors squeaky clean.

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  • Tips for Painting Your Home

    Painting a house is a major task that involves careful planning and a lot of work. In addition to using all of the right painting tools , you need to make sure that you keep track of the kind of paint you use, among other tasks. If you are planning on painting your home in the near future, follow these tips.

    Home improvement: Young man and woman painting wall

    Get a Paint Grid
    Roller trays are great to use for painting smaller areas. However, if you are painting a large space, such as a living room, you should considering using a paint grid instead. A paint grid is a simple grated tool that connects to a five-gallon bucket of paint. After you put your roller into the paint, you simply rub the roller on grid to remove extra paint. The benefit of using this tool, as opposed to a roller tray, is that it allows you to put your roller into the paint bucket itself, which can save you time and prevent hassle.

    Cover Floor with Canvas
    Many people use plastic tarps to cover the floor when painting their homes. While this practice is common, however, it is not the best way to protect your floor. This is because plastic can tear easily and does not absorb paint that well, meaning that you are more likely to make a mess in your house. Instead of using plastic sheeting, you should use canvas drop cloths , which can withstand heavy wear and tear and last for years.

    Keep Track of Color
    After painting, a common mistake that homeowners make is not keeping track of the exact color and brand of paint that they used. This can cause problems in the future, especially if a person wants to repaint, but can’t find the right color. To avoid this issue, write down the paint information in a word processing file. That way, the next time you paint, you will have all of the info you need.

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  • Tips for Cleaning Up Home Water Damage

    Young Couple Doing Home Repairs - Isolated

    Water damage is a serious concern for every homeowner. If you experience water damage in your home, it is crucial to clean up the damage as quickly and thoroughly as possible. To clean up water damage, you will need tools and equipment that have been specially designed to remove water and humidity from areas throughout your home. Here are some useful tips for cleaning up home water damage.

    Dry Out the Air

    When cleaning up water damage, your first action should be to dry out the air inside your home. Water damage can cause your indoor air to become excessively humid, which will create the perfect environment for toxins and allergens to form. To help the air inside your home to dry more quickly, you can rent a high-powered fan, which will circulate and dry your indoor air.

    Pump Out Water

    To properly clean up home water damage , it is important to remove all of the water remaining in the home. For help with removing standing water, you can rent a tool called a sump pump. A sump pump is submerged in the standing water, and will pump all of the water out of the interior of your home.

    Soak Up Moisture

    During your cleanup procedure, it is essential to soak up any remaining moisture. To remove moisture from contained areas such as closets and bathrooms, you can use a material called a desiccant. The desiccant, like a high-powered sponge, will absorb a large amount of water.

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  • Risks of Not Cleaning Home Water Damage

    Water leak

    If your home experiences water damage, it is essential to clean up and repair the problem immediately. When water damage is not dealt with right away, it can be responsible for a variety of serious health issues. Fortunately, with the right tools and equipment , you will be able to clean up water damage in your home and eliminate any health-related hazards. To highlight the importance of prompt water damage cleanup, here is a look at some of the risks of not cleaning home water damage.

    Airborne Toxins

    When your home is subjected to water damage , areas of your home will contain standing water. As this water sits, it becomes the ideal environment for toxins such as mold, viruses, and bacteria. Once these organisms begin to form, they will enter your home’s air supply and can cause a range of health problems and respiratory issues.

    Contaminated Water

    Once flood water becomes contaminated with toxins, these contaminants can spread throughout your home. The longer you wait to clean up the water and the damaged areas, the more likely you will be to come into contact with hazardous materials. To prevent hazards to your health, it is important to clean up flood water right away.

    High Humidity

    Water damage in one area of your home can cause a high level of humidity throughout your living spaces. High humidity will encourage the growth of dust mites and other allergens, and can also increase the amount of damage caused to the structural integrity of your home.

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  • Tips for Using a Portable Ladder

    A portable ladder is a commonly used piece of equipment on many worksites. While portable ladders are convenient, they can also cause serious injury if they are used incorrectly. To prevent a fall from a portable ladder, it is important to inspect the safety of the ladder before it is placed into use. Additionally, make sure that the portable ladder you are using is the right size and style for your job. When setting up the ladder, make sure that the bottom of the ladder is placed on a solid, stable service. Place the ladder at the correct angle, and never use the top rung of a ladder to reach a higher location.

    small ladder

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