How to Create a Concrete Path In Your Backyard

Making a concrete path through your backyard is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space and take advantage of the summer weather. Whether you are laying down a completely new path or your current pavers are past their prime, this home renovation can be easily completed with just a few select tools. After renting the requisite equipment , follow these guidelines to lay down your new outside path.

Outdoor Garden Path

Gather Supplies

Your first step in any renovation project is to gather the tools and equipment you need. Contact a trusted rental agency to obtain a wheelbarrow, timber pegs, a concrete mixer, a troweling machine, a tamper, and a planer, if necessary. You should also order your bagged or premixed concrete.

Mark Path

To prepare your outdoor space, mark out your desired path and excavate to a depth of 100mm . When you plan, be sure to make the ground underneath your path slope away from buildings to avoid standing water.

Mix Concrete

Using your rented equipment and tools, mix up your concrete following the instructions on the package. Use a shovel to spread the concrete evenly over the ground. Next, use a screed board to smooth your concrete to the correct level and make sure that it’s even, and use a steel trowel to remove any air bubbles that may have accumulated.

Cure Properly

For best results, always cure your concrete. After you have made any desired grooves using a concrete grooving tool, let your path sit overnight. Using a hose, spray water on your concrete to keep it wet for the next few days until it has properly cured.

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