What Are the Different Types of Jacks?

Hydraulic floor jack

A jack is a specialized piece of equipment designed to lift heavy objects or raise the axle of a truck or tractor off the ground for repair. Whether you need to rent an industrial jack for construction purposes or need a smaller, custom system, this tool can raise, push, or pull nearly any structure. Read on for a look at the different kinds of jacks.

Hydraulic Jack Jacks typically employ a screw thread or hydraulic power to exert the high force necessary for lifting and moving heavy equipment. A hydraulic jack is generally required for large-scale construction projects, and these amazing tools are used for everything from tractor operation to backyard log splitters . A hydraulic jack is usually used to lift significant amounts of weight by transmitting force applied at one point to another point by means of an incompressible fluid.  

Sheetrock Jack Sheetrock jacks are generally rented for projects that require lifting and holding drywall in place as it is applied and attached to a ceiling. For homeowners who elect to drywall their own ceilings, holding this large sheet of material against the ceiling for long enough to mount it using drywall screws is made far simpler with this equipment rental. The winch design of a sheetrock jack relies on a steering wheel for easy adjustment by any do-it-yourselfer.

Transmission Jack A high-quality and reliable transmission jack is vital for efficient work on a truck or tractor transmission. Many consumers also opt to rent transmission jacks to attend to their specific automotive or home garage needs. Transmission jacks can lift up to 1,000 pounds and rely on smooth hydraulics for lifting and lowering.

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