• Rent Equipment to Minimize Water Damage to Your Home

    Flood defences

    Water damage is a serious issue for homes and homeowners. Excessive water needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible because it can present several risks to your health and cause lasting structural damage to your home. There are several rental tools from your equipment rental center that can help you get the job done fast, and speed is of the essence when it comes to cleaning up water damage. Property loss is often unavoidable in cases of severe water damage, but quick action can save some items.

    Prevent Severe Property Damage It’s unfortunate but common for homeowners to lose property in the event of a flood, burst pipe, or severe storm; upholstered furniture, wood items, and electronics are especially vulnerable. However, if you rent tools like carpet dryer fans and propane heaters, you can eliminate humidity, dry up moisture, and encourage air movement for rapid evaporation.

    If you’re able to dry out pieces of furniture quickly, they can then be cleaned by a professional and often be entirely restored. Without this fast action, moisture will linger in carpeting, wood, upholstered furniture, and even insulation within the walls of your home.

    Stop Mold Growth Mold spores are prevalent in nearly any environment, but they need an adequate level of moisture to survive. Water from a flood or plumbing leak provides the perfect environment for spontaneous mold colony formation. As soon as mold has a foothold in your furniture or your home’s walls, it is very difficult to eradicate.

    Mold can damage the structure of your house by weakening load-bearing walls and completely consuming drywall and other building components. It also presents a very real health risk to anyone in your home, especially to allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Mold can even cause lung disease due to long-term exposure.

    A-1 Equipment Rental Center carries a wide range of equipment designed to help you combat water damage quickly. Turbo carpet dryers, propane heaters, and forced-air salamander heaters give you the power you need to quickly eliminate moisture from inside your home. Call us at (650) 369-2992 or visit our website to make an equipment rental reservation today.

  • Safety Gear You Should Always Have When Renting a Chainsaw

    Working boots

    Operating a chainsaw always requires safety equipment. Head, eye, ear, and hand protection are perhaps the most important, but there are additional ways to stay safe. You’ll want to protect your body, your feet, and those around you when using a chainsaw from a tool rental service . By taking the proper precautions, you can expertly wield a chainsaw to get your next project done quickly and safely.

    Head, Eye, and Ear Protection Hardhats protect you from more than just falling objects on a worksite. You should always wear a hardhat when renting a chainsaw to trim or cut down a tree, to cut lumber, and even to complete projects with little danger of falling objects. This is because chainsaws have what is known as a “kickback” zone, an area just to the front and top of the bar. When this zone comes in contact with any object, the saw can kick back towards the user. Debris may also fly into the air, which is where eye protection comes in.

    Covering your ears is important, as chainsaws tend to be noisy. Exposure to such noise over time can cause damage to the eardrums and limit your ability to hear on the worksite.

    Protective Gloves, Clothing, and Shoes Appropriate gloves should be worn to provide an added layer of protection to your hands and fingers. The gloves need to be dexterous enough for you to handle the saw safely, but thick enough to protect your skin from flying splinters. A thick jacket or sturdy shirt can offer the same protection to your torso, while chainsaw chaps are designed to cover your pants. These chaps are specifically intended to protect your legs in the front, where many injuries occur.

    Finally, invest in a good pair of boots. You may want to consider logging boots when taking on big jobs like felling trees. You’ll need boots that give you traction and provide extra protection from sharp and heavy falling objects.

    For more information on safe chainsaw use, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992. We carry Husqvarna chainsaws to provide you with the very best and safest rental equipment for your project. Visit us online to explore our selection of rental tools .

  • How to Safely Use Your Rented Pressure Washer

    To clean tough, caked-on materials from hard surfaces, use a pressure washer . This machine attaches to your garden hose and converts the weak flow of water into a powerful, high-pressure jet that can quickly clean driveways, decks, brick walls, and other high-use areas.

    Because pressure washers spray powerful streams of water, you need to use them carefully. Use the same safety gear that you would wear when operating any power tool: goggles, earmuffs, gloves, and boots. Watch this video for a complete primer on pressure washers.

    To rent a pressure washer from A-1 Equipment Rental Center, give us a call at (650) 369-2992. We can also provide you with any other rental tools you need for construction or renovation projects, such as loaders, chainsaws, drills, and much more.

  • Equipment Safety And The Benefits Of Renting Tools


    A-1 Equipment Rental Center wants you to be safe when using chainsaws, towing trailers, working outdoors, and climbing ladders this season. Read the articles below for more safety tips.

    • This article from Popular Mechanics explains the gear you need to safely use a chainsaw.
    • For more information on protecting yourself and staying comfortable while working in a cold environment, read this article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    • Learn about trailer sway , and how to avoid it with proper loading and careful driving, on this page from HowStuffWorks.com.
    • To learn more about proper ladder safety and choosing the right ladder for the job, read this article from the University of Wisconsin.

    Give us a call at (650) 369-2992 to hear all about our wide selection of rental tools and rental equipment.