Rent a Bobcat Skid-Steer to Reduce Labor Costs

skid steer loader

Using a Bobcat skid-steer loader can help reduce labor costs and shorten completion time on a wide variety of construction and landscaping projects. Available in a variety of sizes, skid-steers are very useful for moving and digging on any scale. Even for small-scale home construction projects, you can rent one of these vehicles and still stay within your budget. Some common uses of skid-steer loaders are:

Construction With the standard bucket attachment, skid-steer loaders can efficiently move large quantities of material. Moving piles of sand, bags of gravel, and other materials to and from trucks becomes easy with a Bobcat. Use a pallet attachment, and a loader can replace a forklift. A concrete bucket will even turn your loader into a miniature cement mixer. Brooms and sweepers also make skid-steers ideal for jobsite cleanup.

Excavation Skid-steers don’t just lift heavy loads—they can also dig and excavate. Use a special attachment to dig trenches for irrigation pipes, septic drain fields, and any other utility lines. Once your job is done, another attachment will help you compact the soil back into the trench. If you need to dig a narrow, deep hole, use the backhoe attachment. For especially rocky soil, use the powerful auger.

Landscaping Whether you are working on the large lawn of a several-acre property or in the backyard of an average sized home, a skid-steer is the perfect all-around vehicle for any landscaping job. The smaller Bobcats can easily maneuver in residential yards and between houses. Special landscaping attachments will turn a skid-steer into a stump grinder and wood chipper so you can completely remove dead or unwanted trees and dispose of waste materials.

To complete a large-scale project on your home, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992 to inquire about rates for skid-steer loaders of various sizes. We can also provide you with rental trucks, rental tools, Bobcat attachments, and any other rental construction equipment you need to complete a do-it-yourself landscape or remodeling project.

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