What You’ll Need to Safely Shut Down a Street for Repairs

Barricades and Yellow Caution Tape for Road Construction

Street repair is one of the toughest construction jobs there is. It can be extremely difficult to focus on paving, patching, or painting a street when hundreds of impatient drivers are trying to get by. Still, street repair can be much easier if you have all the proper rental equipment . Here’s a brief look at the street closure equipment available for rent from A-1 Equipment Rental Center:


The biggest challenge to any street repair project is keeping cars out of the construction area. In order to make it clear to motorists that the street is closed for repairs, you’ll need to put up a series of barricades all around your work zone. It’s also helpful to include a sign that says “street closed,” in case the barricades aren’t clear enough. 

Barricade lights

Though barricades and signs may work well during the day, they’re harder for motorists to see at night. In order to protect your construction site under the cover of darkness, you may need to add a series of lights to the tops of your barricades. Frequent flashes of yellow light should be enough of a warning to even the most distracted motorists. If you’re planning a short-term, one-time street project, renting your barricade lights makes a lot more sense than buying them.

Light boards

When shutting down a street for construction, it’s always a good idea to give motorists plenty of warning. Placing an arrow light board way in front of your construction zone can give motorists enough time to change lanes, so they may avoid driving into your work site. The solar-powered light boards from A-1 Equipment Rental Center are energy-efficient and very easy to operate.

If you’d like to learn how you can rent street closure equipment, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center . We also offer trucks, tractors, tools, and everything else you might need to complete a construction project in San Mateo. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (650) 369-2992.

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