• Do You Know How To Install A Drainage Pipe?

    Plumbing of any kind is often recommended to be left to the professionals. This is mostly due to the fact that many people don’t have the tools or supplies needed to do the job right. However, you can get the right supplies at most home improvement stores or you can rent the tools from an equipment rental shop.

    A drainage pipe allowing water to drain from your roof may not technically be considered plumbing but it involves many of the same techniques. This informative video shows how to install a drainage pipe to prevent water from collecting on the lawn. The techniques covered and tools used in this video are applicable to a number of different jobs.

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  • Which Style Auger is Right for Your Digging Needs?

    Power Auger Bit

    Hand augers can be used for an array of purposes, but some jobs require power augers which are available at a tool rental shop . In some cases, a power auger may not be necessary, but the amount of work it can accomplish makes using one a better choice. This article covers some different types of augers and what they are used for.

    Hand Augers

    Hand augers are useful for doing small jobs that do not require making a large number of holes. The main restriction with hand augers is the diameter and depth of hole they can create. There are two main types of hand augers:

    • Clamshell Augers work like an inverted pair of scissors. There are two long blades, which you push into the ground. Pulling the handles apart will close the blades together, allowing you to pull the dirt up and create a hole.
    • Screw Augers are another type of hand auger with a T-type handle on top of a metal tube that you screw into the ground. After screwing it down, pulling it back up removes the dirt. Usually, these augers make a six to eight-inch wide hole with a depth determined by the length of tube.

    Power Augers

    Power augers are best when a job requires a large number of holes, deep holes or the ground is hard. There are three common types of power augers:

    • Handheld Augers are considerably faster at digging holes and can penetrate harder surfaces. They sometimes require two operators and can be a safety concern if they get stuck on something in the ground.
    • Wheeled Augers have the same benefits as a handheld power auger but with added safety and ease of use. Having wheels gives the auger better support, while also making it easier to move.
    • Tractor Post Hole Augers are the safest type of power auger to use as long as they are used properly. They mount to a tractor’s 3-point hitch as the name implies and are the easiest to use of all augers.

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  • Five Great Links To Inform And Inspire Your Next Big Project

    Young Couple Doing Home Repairs - Isolated

    Though there are some tools that you use fairly often, there are many more that have very specific uses. Therefore, it’s not always economical to buy a new tool every time you take on a new project. For more information, check out these additional resources:

    • Are you always starting new home improvement projects? Stay safe with these tips from HowStuffWorks.com.
    • There are dozens of ways you can increase your home value . Discover 30 of them at HGTV.com.
    • Are you having a tough time with your latest home improvement project ? Let this page from Forbes.com help you.
    • Though less dangerous than forklifts, pallet jacks can still cause harm. Learn how to safely use a pallet jack at this page from the National Ag Safety Database.
    • How can you learn to safely operate a forklift ? This page from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has the answer.

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  • An Overview of Concrete Tools

    If you’ve ever poured concrete, then you know how difficult it can be to work with. If you have the proper tools, however, you’ll end up with perfectly-shaped concrete every time.

    In this short video from AsktheBuilder.com, home improvement expert Tim Carter shows us a few handy concrete tools—including concrete rakes, magnesium floats, a bull float, and a power screed. When it comes to shaping your concrete, these incredibly useful tools make the job go a lot quicker.

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