Pouring a Foundation or Floor? Building a Concrete Wall? Equipment Rentals Can Make the Job Easier on You

Bricklayer and concrete mixer

If you’ve embarked upon a home improvement or renovation project that will involve laying a foundation or building a wall, renting equipment can greatly reduce the amount of time and effort you’ll spend on the job. Bagged cement can be a hassle to maneuver and to mix. By renting a concrete mixer, you’re enabling easier and safer mixing and handling.


Towable concrete mixers are the best choice for large jobs. Generally, they come in sizes capable of mixing 6 or 8 cubic feet of concrete. The cement in concrete can sometimes contain acidic material that will eat away at the mixer, so you should make sure that your rental mixer comes with a polyethylene drum. Polyethylene drums make cleanup much easier.


Troweling can be done by hand or with a machine. When you use a trowel to spread the concrete by hand, it can be very messy and inconsistent. A troweling machine is a much more efficient way to spread your concrete evenly after it’s been laid.

Hand Tools

A variety of hand tools are necessary in order to achieve a smooth, even surface. A bull float is basically a rake with no prongs. At the end of the pole, a flat surface made of wood, aluminum, magnesium, or sometimes resin is dragged across the surface of the concrete. It cuts the highs of the surface and fills in the lows. Occasionally a tamp will be necessary for a smooth finish. If your mix comes with a lot of coarse material (a harsh mix), then you’ll need the tamp to push the large material down.

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