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  • How to Cut Firewood with Your Chainsaw Rental

    When you’re camping or spending time outdoors, knowing how to collect firewood is an essential skill. Especially when you’re using a power tool to make your job easier, a few tips can go a long way toward ensuring your safety.

    In this video, you can get some great instructions on how to select a fallen tree, which branches to clear, and how to keep yourself safe when using a saw.

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  • Three Inspiring Summer Landscaping Projects:

    As summer hits, temperatures rise. Whether you’re trying to make the most of the outdoors or beat the heat, the summer months are a great opportunity to tackle the home renovations you’ve been putting off!

    There are plenty of resources available to help make your summer projects affordable. A variety of online “do-it-yourself” sites and video tutorials can help simplify the most intimidating landscaping projects and lower labor costs. Renting a truck or tools can help lower gas and equipment costs.

    To help get you started, here are three rewarding summer landscaping ideas:

    Plant a Summer Garden:

    Nothing beautifies the exterior of your home like a garden. Planting vegetable seeds can reduce your grocery bills and allow you to enjoy heirloom produce. Select your plants carefully: plants that require less water mean less time spent outside watering. Also, remember to plan ahead : doing the proper research to maximize your summer garden can take time.

    Construct a Deck:

    The summer months offer the most opportunities to enjoy your deck or patio. If you’re looking to host a big barbeque or birthday party, a stunning deck will go a long way towards creating your personal outdoor paradise. Deck projects can range from constructing a new deck to improving an existing deck with a fresh coat of paint.

    Build a Fence:

    Adding a simple fence to your property is a great way to enhance or exterior. Protecting your lawn from animals will reduce your summer lawn work. With a complimentary coat of paint, a new fence can make your house pop and add a visually pleasing element to your yard.

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  • Tips for Keeping Cost and Time Down on Remodeling Projects

    These days, saving money is a top priority for most people. However, important home improvement projects don’t need to be pushed aside to accomodate a tighter budget. A little planning can go a long way toward reducing your home improvement spending. Efficiency is also important—why not spend less time renovating and more time enjoying your renovations?

    Savvy consumer can turn their renovation dreams into reality without breaking the bank. Here are just a few strategies for cutting down your project costs:

    Plan renovation goals to fit your budget:

    Smaller-scale projects designed to personalize individual rooms have begun to overtake wide scale home renovation. Strategically focusing home improvement to highlight the existing features of your home can help eliminate the need for costlier projects.

    Ask a friend for help:

    Enlisting the aid of a friend can help make simple remodeling jobs quicker and easier. For larger jobs, employing the aid of several friends can drastically reduce the costs of labor .

    Green upgrades save green:

    Investments in greener technologies can really pay off in the long run! These green upgrades can range from simple fixes that reduce utility costs to installing more efficient appliances. Both have potential to make a big impact on your long-term utility costs.

    Alternate supply sources cut costs:

    If you’re planning a large-scale project, it’s important to consider your supply budget. Searching for salvage materials online or attending auctions can help you find cheap materials.

    Rental equipment offers a big value:

    Whether you’re building a deck or repairing a table, you’re going to need tools. A well-coordinated tool or truck rental can eliminate the need to purchase expensive equipment or save time on transportation.

    At A-1 Rental Center, we have the rental equipment and trucks rentals you need to move your project to completion. For a free quote, call (650) 369-2992 or visit our website to see which tool rental will work best for your remodeling project.