Rent the Right Elevation Equipment for Your Project

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Whether you are a contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, it’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself having to reach, lift, or transport materials to high places. When you do, be sure to stay safe by renting quality equipment that provides the support and elevation when you need it most. The first step is choosing the right tool for the job, so here are a few options that can give you a lift:

Scaffolding Portable scaffolding is a great option for both interior and exterior work that requires more support and room for materials than a ladder can provide. With an adjustable height up to 24 feet, adaptability to uneven surfaces and obstacles, quick and easy setup, mobility, and versatility, scaffolding is the go-to choice for most contractors when doing cleaning, painting, repair, and a multitude of other tasks that require elevation.

Ladders – A ladder is a simple piece of equipment every laborer should have access to. Depending on how much height you need, you’ll have the choice of a step ladder and extension ladder. A step ladder can provide 14 feet of height with a 375-pound load capacity. With thick side plates, slip-resistant steps, and heavy duty internal spreaders, you’ll be well supported when trying to reach for those extra feet. For greater elevation, an extension ladder can provide up to 32 feet of height, but requires using a vertical surface for support.

Jacks – You might be more familiar with a car jack for when you had to replace a tire or work on your car. However, there are much stronger versions of the jack, including screw and hydraulic powered, that are powerful enough to lift elevators and even houses. You might not need to lift those kinds of loads, but a sheetrock jack can help you lift those sheets of drywall you need to get to the second floor.

If you’re looking to rent equipment that will elongate your reach, there is no place better in the Bay Area than A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Our full service truck, equipment, and party rental company carries the best in high-quality brand name tools and equipment. Call us at (650) 369-2992 to learn more.

Create a Backyard Oasis with our Rented Equipment

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If your shrubbery is overgrown and your lawn is comprised of more weeds than blades of grass, it’s time to get to work creating the backyard haven you deserve. You’ll need the right tools for the job—fortunately, A-1 Equipment Rental Center can provide you with the lawn and garden equipment you’ll need to complete your outdoor project as safely, efficiently, and cheaply as possible. Here are a few tips for creating the backyard you’ve always dreamed of with the help of A-1 Equipment Rental Center.

Tree and Bush Management There’s a difference between an intentionally forest-like backyard design and an overgrown, uncontrolled wilderness. Use a gas pole saw to prune hard to reach tree limbs and branches, or a commercial-grade hedge trimmer to even up your bushes. If you need to remove a tree, our 6” and 12” wood chippers can compact leftover brush, our hydraulic log splitter can put the wood to good use as firewood, and our self-propelled stump grinder can take care of what’s left.

Lawn Care One of the biggest threats to a fantastic-looking lawn is the nutrient-hogging weed. At A-1 Equipment Rental Center, we carry a variety of weed-killing tools for rent including rotary and self-propelled weed mowers and professional grade weed whackers. You can also aerate your soil with a power lawn aerator, dethatch your lawn with a gas-powered lawn thatcher, and keep your grass trim with a powerful 6.75 torque rear-bag mower.  

Gardening Your local geography determines how receptive your soil is to planting. However, no matter where you live, you’ll need to till. From light weight to heavy duty, our tillers can prepare any ground soil for use as a garden. Afterwards, drag a land level over the freshly-tilled dirt to scrape off the high points.

Use A-1 Equipment Rental Center as your one-stop rental service for the tools you’ll need to create a slice of paradise in your backyard. Call us at (650) 369-2992 to learn more about the tools, equipment, and vehicles we have to offer. Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, our 2.5 acres of high quality inventory will contain the right tool for all your projects.

Curious About What Else Awaits You At A-1 Equipment Rental Center?

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In our recent blog posts, we discussed how to choose the right type of drill, what kinds of equipment you can rent when giving your home a makeover, and what you’ll need for your next new home construction project. If you enjoyed these topics, then be sure to check out these great resources from around the Web for even more information.

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Contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992 to rent the tools or equipment you need for your next home renovation or construction project.

Your Guide to Renting the Right Drill

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Not every homeowner owns an electric drill. Even if you do, you may have a job in which your standard 12-volt handheld drill simply won’t cut it. A drill from an equipment rental company can help you get your next project done quickly and correctly. But before you pick up just any old electric drill, remember that choosing the right drill can make all the difference for your next project. This guide will help you understand different types of rental drills so you can decide which one is appropriate for you.

Corded Drills For your typical home improvement jobs, a high-speed drill can make starting nail holes, building furniture, or hanging shelves a breeze. Drills available from your local equipment rental company have additional features you may not be able to find elsewhere. These can include built-in bubble levels, speed control triggers for accuracy, and increased bit size for bigger than typical jobs.

Specialty Drills Right-angle electric drills are excellent for hard to reach areas such as drilling studs or joists. Lower speeds allow for greater control and a larger drilling diameter, while high speeds allow for more conventional drilling. There are also high-RPM drills that provide increased torque for mud and cement mixing.

High-Power Drills Electric drills that operate with both wet and dry options are ideal for masonry projects. Wet drills help avoid cracking and splitting when working with masonry or stone, and help cool the bit during operation. Powerful electric drills also help with tougher jobs that require extra torque. This can be ideal for drilling your walls to create access for wiring, plumbing, and more.

For help deciding which drill is right for you, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992. We carry a variety of corded and cordless electric drills to suit jobs of any size. Visit us online for additional information on our rental rates and terms.

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When you start a do-it-yourself project, you need the right tools to get the job done. Use these resources to learn more about the best ways to prepare for big projects like cleaning out the house or digging a trench. For more great tips, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992.

· Grab some incredibly useful home-improvement skills that can help you renovate or even build new constructions on

· Learn why more new homeowners are electing to build their own homes in recent times on this page from

· can help you calculate your budget when building a new home.

· tells you how to keep your gear safe while on the road.

· Before you hit the road with your new rental trailer, visit to learn about the basics of trailer safety.

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