Why You Should Rent Moving Equipment When Making a Big Move

cardboard box hand truck

Moving to a new home or office is a serious task that requires serious equipment. Without a rental truck and the right tools, you will find that moving can be quite a lengthy and painful process. Some of the most noteworthy benefits of renting dollies, moving pads and moving a truck or golf cart from an equipment rental company include:

Save Time Hauling boxes and large items downstairs and into your vehicle, across town, and then out of your vehicle and back upstairs is a time consuming process. With a set of dollies that are designed to safely and efficiently help you move several boxes or items at once, you can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes you to move all of your possessions. Rent a moving truck, and you can cut the number of trips you need to take across town as well.

Reduce Risk of Injury In addition to improving efficiency, dollies and other moving equipment can make moving heavy objects much safer for you and your family. Dollies can help you avoid straining muscles in your back or dropping heavy objects on your feet, and moving trucks can make it easier and less physically stressful to load and unload boxes, appliances, and other heavy objects for cross-town transportation.

Protect Your Possessions Moving pads can protect your furniture from scratches while also helping to keep your valuable possessions intact during the move. For some objects, such as pianos, specially made dollies that designed to protect large items and make them easier to move can provide you with peace of mind on the moving day.

If you want to take a load off and make moving easier on you and your family, utilize the services of A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Serving the entire San Francisco area, we offer only the finest selection of dollies, trucks, moving pads, and other tools that can help make your move go smoothly. If you would like to speak with a representative about the equipment we can provide you with, call us at (650) 369-2992.

Rent a Bobcat Skid-Steer to Reduce Labor Costs

skid steer loader

Using a Bobcat skid-steer loader can help reduce labor costs and shorten completion time on a wide variety of construction and landscaping projects. Available in a variety of sizes, skid-steers are very useful for moving and digging on any scale. Even for small-scale home construction projects, you can rent one of these vehicles and still stay within your budget. Some common uses of skid-steer loaders are:

Construction With the standard bucket attachment, skid-steer loaders can efficiently move large quantities of material. Moving piles of sand, bags of gravel, and other materials to and from trucks becomes easy with a Bobcat. Use a pallet attachment, and a loader can replace a forklift. A concrete bucket will even turn your loader into a miniature cement mixer. Brooms and sweepers also make skid-steers ideal for jobsite cleanup.

Excavation Skid-steers don’t just lift heavy loads—they can also dig and excavate. Use a special attachment to dig trenches for irrigation pipes, septic drain fields, and any other utility lines. Once your job is done, another attachment will help you compact the soil back into the trench. If you need to dig a narrow, deep hole, use the backhoe attachment. For especially rocky soil, use the powerful auger.

Landscaping Whether you are working on the large lawn of a several-acre property or in the backyard of an average sized home, a skid-steer is the perfect all-around vehicle for any landscaping job. The smaller Bobcats can easily maneuver in residential yards and between houses. Special landscaping attachments will turn a skid-steer into a stump grinder and wood chipper so you can completely remove dead or unwanted trees and dispose of waste materials.

To complete a large-scale project on your home, call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992 to inquire about rates for skid-steer loaders of various sizes. We can also provide you with rental trucks, rental tools, Bobcat attachments, and any other rental construction equipment you need to complete a do-it-yourself landscape or remodeling project.

Rent Tools for Economy, But Know the Safety Guidelines: Chainsaw Use

Man with chainsaw

Removing fallen trees on your property doesn’t have to be a hassle. Visit a tool rental company to get a chainsaw for the day, then remove the limbs and cut up the trunk into manageable pieces that you can easily be hauled away. Chainsaw use is safe, but as with any power tool, you should always follow proper safety procedures to avoid injury. Take these precautions when using a chainsaw:

Wear Safety Equipment You must protect your ears, eyes, limbs, and fingers when using a chainsaw. The best headgear is a special hardhat with a built-in face shield and hearing protection; but at the bare minimum, you need safety goggles and noise-reducing earmuffs. Wear close-fitting long pants and shirtsleeves, heavy-duty steel-toed work boots, and safety gloves as well. You can also obtain special chaps to protect your legs from injury.

Maintain a Proper Grip Use both hands to start the chainsaw, as per the manual. Grip the front handle firmly with all your fingers and your thumb when making cuts. Avoid walking around with the saw running, but if you must, grip the front handle and hold it at your side, with the bar clear of your body. If you must suddenly stop in the middle of a cut for any reason, keep a good grip on the front handle until the saw fully shuts down.

Avoid the Kickback Zone You can make upward cuts with the top edge of the saw as long as you move slowly and carefully. But you should never attempt to cut with the top half of the tip. This spot is called the “kickback zone,” because if it contacts wood or another surface while the chain is running, it will cause the saw to kick dangerously back towards the operator.

Call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992 to rent a chainsaw for tree felling, limbing, and bucking. We provide intrepid homeowners and other do-it-yourselfers around the Bay Area with the rental tools to complete any construction or home improvement job. We rent power tools to tractors, so you can rent equipment that fits your needs.

Heavy Duty Rental Equipment: Information About Bobcat Tractor Attachments

small excavator Bobcat

When you rent a Bobcat tractor, you can do much more than move dirt from place to place. With specially designed attachments, these versatile machines can accomplish a wide variety of landscaping, construction, and excavation tasks. To find the right loader attachments for your projects, consult the guide below.

Utility Fork Landscaping, farming, and ranching tasks can go faster if you use a tractor with the utility fork attachment. Move large bundles of bedding, hay, or straw from place to place, and dispose of piles of manure with ease. Once you’re done moving your loose materials, you can quickly detach the utility fork and switch to another accessory.

Auger If you’re digging footings or planting trees, the Bobcat auger is the attachment for you. This powerful drill can dig precise holes of various sizes through compacted or rocky soil. The auger’s design ensures that it can dig plumb, vertical holes even when the tractor is on uneven ground. When a backhoe is too slow or imprecise, the auger will get the job done.

Grapple Sometimes, you need to move a bulky or unbalanced pile of material from one place to another. To move heavy, uneven loads, use the grapple attachments. Paired with either the bucket or the fork, a grapple can secure various objects such as tree trimmings, scrap metal, and any other bulky materials.

Sweeper Unit Turn your rented Bobcat tractor into a cleanup tool with the sweeper. This attachment easily collects loose materials, and its reversible cutting edge can scrape dried mud and other hardened materials off of flat surfaces such as driveways. The bristles safely gather debris and dirt into a collection bucket, making disposal easy.

All these Bobcat accessories and more are available from A-1 Equipment Rental Center of Northern California. There’s no need to buy a tractor, a truck, or any other tool if you’re just completing one renovation or landscaping job. We have the equipment rentals and tool rentals you need - even truck rentals. Call us at (650) 369-2992 to reserve the construction equipment you need to complete your project with ease and speed.  

Tool Rental Safety: How to Properly Jack up Your Car

Make sure to review the correct use of jack stands before attempting to lift your vehicle. After all, improper use of a jack can put you and your car in danger. Check out this informative video guide for a helpful introduction to proper car jack use before your next road trip.

The video guide begins with a warning about unsafe jack use. Next, step-by-step instructions show the viewer how to lift their vehicle properly. Viewers then learn how to lower the vehicle after repairs have been completed. The video also explains how to find safe lifting spots for your jack.

Contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992 if you’d like to rent a jack to lift up your vehicle. Our huge selection of rental tools and rental equipment is sure to include a jack that’s the right size for your truck or car.

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