Exploring A-1 Rental Center's Compaction Equipment Selection

Soil in hand

There are several benefits to soil compaction at your home—compacted soil is extremely stable, resists water seepage, and is significantly less likely to settle. A-1 Equipment Rental Center can simplify your soil compaction project with our commercial grade rental equipment. Use this product preview to choose a soil compactor that meets the needs of your project.

Jumping Jacks: Small jumping jack compactors are perfect for homeowners with small yards and minimal compacting needs. Be sure to choose a rental unit with a self-cleaning drum. This feature ensures that your jumping jack compactor stays problem-free during your rental time. Another important feature for your jumping jack compactor is an anti-vibration system. The reduced feedback from the compactor will limit user fatigue and is recommended for first-time renters. Work with a professional at A-1 to determine the exact compactor size that your project requires.

Vibratory Plates: Vibratory plates are the next size of rental compaction equipment available at the A-1 Rental Center. Industry standard vibratory plates are manually powered and heavy—these machines weigh well over a hundred pounds. However, what these lose in portability, they gain in power. These full-sized tools can compact sand and gravel with ease. Plus, reverse operation models are available for extra convenience.

Ride-On Roller: Professional contractors and homeowners with huge lawns should invest in a ride-on roller rental. These self-propelled compactors that you can ride are powerful enough to lay down sidewalks and parking lots and repair asphalt gravel roads. Ride-on rollers also allow renters to work for longer periods of time. The comfortable seat and high vantage point help riders work more quickly and efficiently.

One call to (650) 369-2992 puts you in touch with A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Connect with our staff members to learn more about our rental equipment inventory and rental policies. You can also get driving directions to our San Mateo location.

About Concrete Control Joints

In this video, Tim Carter from AskTheBuilder.com discusses concrete control joints and their benefits for a home’s stability. Watch this video before starting the groundwork on a new home or room addition.

You’ll see a large concrete slab that was put down by Tim Carter in a previous video and is free of cracks and visible damage. Contractors use diamond-tipped saws to cut these long, narrow grooves into the concrete called “control joints”—control joints help to relieve the concrete’s stress point and prevent cracks.

A-1 Equipment Rental Center, in San Mateo, has everything you need to lay a solid, reliable foundation. Our powerful saws and portable cement mixing tools will help improve the efficiency of your project. Visit our website or call us at (650) 369-2992 for more information on our equipment rentals.

Create the Backyard You've Been Dreaming of with A-1 Equipment Rental Center

Blower Man

A-1 Equipment Rental Center makes lawn maintenance easy with our diverse tool selection. You can keep your yard looking great through all the seasons with the help of our equipment rentals. Keep reading to learn how renting lawn equipment can help you create the backyard of your dreams:

Cut Logs: The mere sight of a fallen tree can detract from your beautiful yard. A fallen tree may also cause damage to your landscaping by landing on a bush or garden. Trees are large and heavy, but with the use of a pole saw or hydraulic log cutter, you can break these down into small pieces. Once the job is complete, you simply return the tool and clear your yards of any leftover debris.

Remove Brush: You work hard to rake your yard, collect fallen tree debris, and scoop up plant matter from your gutters. Unfortunately, tossing these loose pieces of yard waste in a dumpster is extremely inconvenient. A brush chipper breaks down yard waste into small, compact piece and deposits them in a bag or into an easy-to-remove pile.

Trim Hedges: The bushes and shrubs around your property have a huge influence on your home’s curb appeal. That’s why you should rent a hedge trimmer for routine maintenance. A commercial grade trimmer can reduce your trimming time significantly and leave your hedges with a professional look. In addition, this rental equipment can help you avoid the exhaustion that comes with a long day of hedge trimming.

Toss Leaves: Leaves may seem like a low priority, but this unsightly debris can quickly overrun your yard. This is especially true during autumn, when trees shed leaves rapidly. Weekly leaf removal with a rented leaf blower makes it easy for you to keep your lawn looking clear and tended.

Choose A-1 Equipment Rental Center for all your lawn tool rental needs. Our high-performance lawn equipment makes it easy to maintain an immaculate backyard. Call us at (650) 369-2992 for tips on the right tools for the job.

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