Rental Equipment: Jobs that Require the Power of a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are among the most popular rental tools available to homeowners because they can be used for a variety of tasks. Power washing your home’s siding, driveway, or deck is a lot easier than scrubbing by hand and is sometimes necessary for preparation of certain home improvement projects. With robust PSI outputs and adjustable sprays, pressure washers are excellent for priming your home for a new coat of paint, washing off your siding, and removing years of accumulated grease and dirt from your driveway.

Painting Preparation It is very important to thoroughly clean a wall surface before it is primed. An uneven surface can interfere with the adherence of primer and can affect the entire end result of your paint job. Pressure washers are perfect for stripping layers of old paint and cleaning irregularities from the surface of the wall. They can be used at a high setting to remove an old coat of paint, and then followed by a more gentle spray for cleaning that doesn’t damage your home.

Concrete and Driveway Care High-pressure water is perfect for rinsing away grease and grime from driveway surfaces. You can even clean the interior of your garage’s concrete floor by using a power washer. Power washing is often necessary before coating your floor with epoxy, replacing your driveway with new asphalt or concrete, or preparing a concrete surface for scoring or painting.

Spring Cleaning Pressure washers are ideal for cleaning decks, siding, and even exterior windows. When spring rolls around, it will be the perfect time to rent this tool and give your home a facelift. Pressure washing is the ideal way to get things clean or prepare them for a fresh coat of paint or sealant, and it’s always nice to have your home sparkle to welcome the new season.

A-1 Equipment Rental Center offers pressure washers at 2000 and 3000 PSI to handle any task. Contact us at (650) 369-2992 to find out which model is right for your task, or visit our website to explore our equipment’s specifications in greater detail.

General Safety and Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Rented Welder

This video contains some important information on things to avoid when arc welding. For example, looking down the barrel of your gun is definitely something you want to avoid, even if you think your equipment is not functioning properly.

Common sense is your best companion when welding—avoid touching hot steel and always use proper protective equipment, for example. Even if you are an experienced welder, you may not have considered just how dangerous it can be to use the oxygen barrel to clean off clothing. This saturates the clothing and makes it extremely flammable, which is a situation you don’t want when wielding a welding flame.

A-1 Equipment Rental Center encourages safety when using all types of rental equipment. If you have any questions about renting or operating a welder, contact us at (650) 369-2992. We can help you understand the right way to use the equipment you rent from us for maximum safety and performance.

Renting a Trailer: The Fundamentals of Safe Trailer Towing

Safety first sign

Finding the right rental equipment is the first step to using a trailer safely. When towing a trailer, you’ll want to be familiar with safety checks, proper hookups, and the capacity of both your truck and trailer in order to have a worry-free journey.

Review Safety Guidelines No matter how experienced you are, it never hurts to familiarize yourself with basic trailer towing safety every time you choose to tow. Follow instructions when it comes to hitching a trailer to your vehicle, and be sure to properly connect the wiring harness so your signals and brake lights translate appropriately to the trailer. Check the battery for your trailer’s brakes and periodically examine tie-downs when you’re on the road.

Know Your Towing Capacity Matching the trailer and the load you plan to haul with your truck is very important. You’ll need to know how much weight your truck can handle, including with a pre-installed hitch. You may want to consider installing an upgraded hitch, which you can obtain from your equipment rental company, provided that it matches your vehicle’s towing capacity.

Get the Right Hitch There are five different classes of towing hitches. You’ll need the right one to fit your truck’s capacity and that of the load you’re going to haul. It’s a good idea to get the highest-rated hitch that matches your towing capacity even if you plan on towing a smaller trailer or smaller load.

Consider Renting a Truck What happens if your truck doesn’t have the towing capacity you need? You might decide to rent a truck and trailer pair from your equipment rental company. By choosing this convenient option, you will have all the capacity you need and you will know that your equipment will work properly every time.

A-1 Equipment Rental Center can help you find the right combination of trailers, hitches, and rental trucks for your next towing project. Call us at (650) 369-2992 if you would like to learn more, or visit us online to make a reservation for rental equipment today.

Useful Rental Equipment to Make Outdoor Work in the Cold More Bearable

gas cylinder

Working in the cold isn’t just uncomfortable—it can also be dangerous. There are types of equipment you should rent along with the tools you need for your project to make your next outdoor job more comfortable and safer. Portable heaters can add a spot of warmth in a fixed location, or powerful forced-air heaters can be used to warm an entire area. Along with protective clothing and cold weather safety precautions, this kind of rental equipment can help when you have to work outside, even on the coldest days.

Radiant Propane Heaters Easy-to-use, radiant propane heaters attach directly to a propane cylinder and provide variable BTU output. With high, medium, and low settings, these heaters can provide up to 15 hours of heat on one standard 20-pound propane cylinder. Featuring an auto-shutoff feature, these heaters automatically turn off when the cylinder runs out.

A radiant propane heater is perfect for smaller outdoor work areas where blowing air is not appropriate. They can provide localized warmth for stationary positions, such as booths, seating areas, and other such setups.

Propane Forced-Air Heaters Commonly known as salamander or torpedo heaters, these units have a simplified ignition system with no spark plugs and feature temperature limit switches to regulate their output and promote safe operation. Thermostats provide exact temperature control. These powerful units can provide 3,500 square feet of heating capacity and also feature automatic shutoff features in the event of flameout or low fuel.

Don’t forget extra propane canisters to help power your equipment and keep your worksite comfortable, safe, and pleasantly warm. Call A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992 to learn more about our portable heating equipment for rent or visit our website to reserve yours for your next outdoor job.


Rent Equipment to Minimize Water Damage to Your Home

Flood defences

Water damage is a serious issue for homes and homeowners. Excessive water needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible because it can present several risks to your health and cause lasting structural damage to your home. There are several rental tools from your equipment rental center that can help you get the job done fast, and speed is of the essence when it comes to cleaning up water damage. Property loss is often unavoidable in cases of severe water damage, but quick action can save some items.

Prevent Severe Property Damage It’s unfortunate but common for homeowners to lose property in the event of a flood, burst pipe, or severe storm; upholstered furniture, wood items, and electronics are especially vulnerable. However, if you rent tools like carpet dryer fans and propane heaters, you can eliminate humidity, dry up moisture, and encourage air movement for rapid evaporation.

If you’re able to dry out pieces of furniture quickly, they can then be cleaned by a professional and often be entirely restored. Without this fast action, moisture will linger in carpeting, wood, upholstered furniture, and even insulation within the walls of your home.

Stop Mold Growth Mold spores are prevalent in nearly any environment, but they need an adequate level of moisture to survive. Water from a flood or plumbing leak provides the perfect environment for spontaneous mold colony formation. As soon as mold has a foothold in your furniture or your home’s walls, it is very difficult to eradicate.

Mold can damage the structure of your house by weakening load-bearing walls and completely consuming drywall and other building components. It also presents a very real health risk to anyone in your home, especially to allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Mold can even cause lung disease due to long-term exposure.

A-1 Equipment Rental Center carries a wide range of equipment designed to help you combat water damage quickly. Turbo carpet dryers, propane heaters, and forced-air salamander heaters give you the power you need to quickly eliminate moisture from inside your home. Call us at (650) 369-2992 or visit our website to make an equipment rental reservation today.

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