Tool Rental Safety: How to Properly Jack up Your Car

Make sure to review the correct use of jack stands before attempting to lift your vehicle. After all, improper use of a jack can put you and your car in danger. Check out this informative video guide for a helpful introduction to proper car jack use before your next road trip.

The video guide begins with a warning about unsafe jack use. Next, step-by-step instructions show the viewer how to lift their vehicle properly. Viewers then learn how to lower the vehicle after repairs have been completed. The video also explains how to find safe lifting spots for your jack.

Contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992 if you’d like to rent a jack to lift up your vehicle. Our huge selection of rental tools and rental equipment is sure to include a jack that’s the right size for your truck or car.

Safety Tips for Your Rented Equipment: Miter Saws

Are you planning to embark on a home construction, renovation, or carpentry project? If so, a miter saw will almost certainly come in handy. This powerful tool will provide you with the accuracy and efficiency you value when working no improving your home, but there are some safety tips that you should keep in mind as you prepare to use a miter saw.

This video clip addresses the importance of familiarizing yourself with the particular miter saw your equipment rental company offers before you start using it. It also features a miter saw demonstration that highlights the most important safety precautions to take while operating this piece of machinery

To speak with a professional about the rental options available at A-1 Equipment Rental Center, call (650) 369-2992 today. We have the tool rentals, trucks, and rental equipment you need to complete any project. Call us today or visit our website to learn how we can help you tackle your next home renovation or construction project.

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Rental Tools: The Benefits of Using Air-Powered Tools for Construction Jobs

Pneumatic hammer

Home construction jobs generally require the use of one or more tools in order to be effectively carried out. These days, most traditional manual tools have been replaced with air-powered and electric tools. Continue reading to learn about the advantages that air-powered tools have over electric tools in turning most home construction project ideas into reality.  

Ease of Use Typically powered on and off with a single switch, air staplers, nailers, and chipping hammers are effortlessly simple to operate. While safety precautions should always be taken, little prior knowledge is necessary in order to make most air-powered tools serve their function.

Degree of Pressure With the help of a portable or trailer mounted air compressor, air-powered tools can deliver an unparalleled amount of pressure. In addition to giving you access to a high degree of pressure, air compressors give you the flexibility to choose the degree of pressure you desire, even if it is low.

Efficiency A combination of usability and pressure capability makes it possible for homeowners to complete tasks with an air-powered tool in far less time than it takes to complete the same task with a manual or electric tool. Whether you are driving nails into wood or stapling trim on a window, using an air-powered tool and an air compressor will help you save time.

Versatility With the right pipes, hoses, and fittings, a single air compressor can be used to power a wide range of tools. The versatility of this power source provides homeowners who choose air-powered tools with another advantage over those who choose other tools. Various accessories can be fitted to many air-powered tools, making them even more suitable for many home construction projects.

Are you a San Francisco resident or contractor who is looking to rent tools and equipment that will make your next construction project a breeze? A-1 Equipment Rental Center boasts a complete line of high-performance air-powered tools that can be used to carry out just about any project imaginable. To speak with a professional from our business about our inventory of tools and rental equipment, call (650) 369-2992 today.

Tractor and Equipment Rental Options

New red tractor

Tractors are an essential tool for almost any construction project. Consider equipment rental if your worksite doesn’t use a tractor on a regular basis. This short-term strategy will help your company save hundreds of dollars on upkeep costs while still having access to the crucial equipment you need to get the job done. Continue on to learn more about the types of tractors available for rent at A-1 Equipment Rental Center.

Bobcat Skidsteer S220: The compact Bobcat Skidsteer S220 generates tons of power thanks to its turbocharged 75 HP engine. The Skidsteer’s size also makes it easy for operators to maneuver through a tight workspace. The Bobcat Skidsteer S220 was also designed with a traditional radius lift path that maximizes the tractor’s reach and functionality. Visit A-1 Equipment Rental Center online for a full list of the Skidsteer’s performance capabilities.

John Deer Backhoe: Our rental inventory also includes the John Deere 310J Backhoe. This full-sized tractor is the perfect choice if your project needs extra power and attachments. When it comes to performance, the John Deere 310J boasts a loader lifting capacity of 6,150 lbs. and bucket breakout force of 8,600 lbs. In addition, the John Deere 310J can equip several backhoe accessories like a forklift or breaker hammer.

Kubota Diesel Tractor: This diesel-powered tractor loader combines the maneuverability of the Skidsteer S220 and the versatility of the 310J. Like the Skidsteer S220, the Kubota diesel tractor is easy to drive and offers tons of visibility to the operator. This diesel tractor also has several backhoe attachments. Gear-like tillers, scrapers, and mowers make the Kubota model a great choice for farmers.

Don’t let your operation’s budget deter you from renting the tractor your worksite needs. The staff at A-1 Equipment Rental Center is happy to guide you through the rental process. Get the full scoop on our tractor rental policies by visiting our website or calling (650) 369-2992.

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