The Easy Way to Drain Your Pool

In-ground pools don’t require complete draining too often, and many pool owners don’t own the necessary equipment for it. Instead, look for an equipment rentals store that has submersible pumps and hoses available. Then, watch the accompanying video for some quick tips on getting the job done.

You’ll see a demonstration of clamping the backwash hose onto the submersible pump. If you need a better seal, add electrical tape. Then, unravel the backwash hose and point the end toward a sewer drain. Place the pump into the pool, and plug the device into an outside electrical outlet. Stay in the area to monitor the equipment until it’s finished pumping out the pool.

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Signs Your Shingles Need Replacement

A leak in your bedroom is a clear indicator that your home needs roof repairs, but you shouldn’t let the damage progress this far before fixing it. If you know how to evaluate your roof, you can spot the signs of damage long before it can cause interior water damage to your home. If you plan to replace the shingles yourself, you can rent the equipment you’ll need, like a roofing nail gun.


The average shingle roof has a lifespan of about 20 to 25 years. If your roof is getting older, you should be closely inspecting it regularly and making plans to install a new one. Bear in mind that some roofs fail prematurely, especially if they were installed by inexperienced contractors.


Healthy shingles should lie flat on your roof. Inspect your shingles for signs of buckling or curling. These need to be replaced. Cracked shingles are also problematic.


If you run your hand along a shingle, you’ll notice that it’s quite gritty. Over time, the granules can loosen and fall off. It’s alright if a small amount of granules fall off, but large quantities of separated granules indicate that it’s time for a new roof. To figure out whether your shingles are shedding, check in your gutters for granule deposits.


Roofs come in all sorts of pitches and configurations. Some tiny houses even have disjointed roofs, with one half of the roof angling toward the right side and the other half angling toward the left. But one thing all roofs have in common is evenness across the surface. Stand at the edge of your yard to get a good view of your roof. Look for areas that are sagging or dipping. This indicates severe moisture damage. In addition to replacing the roof, you’ll probably need to find and replace rotting boards.

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Quick Tips for Perfect Patios

Laying a perfect patio starts with a solid base. First, obtain all of the equipment rentals you’ll need, like a compactor. Then, once you’ve dug up the sod, added gravel, and leveled it, it’s time to install the restraints. You can see a demonstration of this when you watch the accompanying video.

Screed one inch of sand and lay the pavers on top in whichever pattern you want. You should only screed out one section of sand at a time to make your project more manageable. Then, watch the remainder of the video to see how to deal with oddly shaped spaces and the paver edging. Finish off your patio by using a compactor over the pavers, adding polymeric jointing sand, and using the compactor again.

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A Step-by-Step Guide for New Generator Users

Electricity is a must-have for powering modern life, and sometimes, you need electricity where none is available. The solution is to rent a portable gas generator. Generators are perfectly safe to operate as long as you follow some simple precautions.


The electrical capacity of generators varies from one model to the next. Check with the rental company for advice on choosing the right size of generator for your needs. Never try to overload a generator, as this can cause equipment malfunction. It can also inflict damage on the connected appliances.


Where you place the portable generator is a key consideration, as improper placement can place people at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Generators are never safe to use indoors. Never operate a generator inside a garage, basement, shed, tent, or any other enclosed or partially enclosed areas. Additionally, the generator should be placed far away from doors and windows. Standard smoke alarms cannot detect carbon monoxide gas. Any nearby building should be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors.


It’s absolutely essential that you never plug the generator into a wall outlet to power your home. This is dangerous and can be fatal. It’s known as backfeeding. The generator sends electricity out into the grid, which can electrocute your neighbors or utility workers. Instead, you can plug appliances directly into the generator. If you use an extension cord, select a heavy-duty extension cord labeled for exterior use. It must be capable of handling the amps you’ll require of it. Double-check all extension cords for signs of damage before using them.


You may need to refuel the generator at some point. If so, turn it off and wait for it to cool down. Then, add the gasoline. Store extra gas in approved containers, and keep them outside of living areas. A locked shed is ideal.

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Spotlight on Chipping Hammers

Chipping hammers put the power of a jackhammer into a small, lightweight, handheld tool. This air tool is useful for chipping away at concrete on vertical surfaces. It can even be used on overhead surfaces. Chipping hammers are ideal for projects that require precision and finesse. To use it, you’ll grasp the handle at the back and place your other hand on the shaft. This gives you better control over the angle and direction.

You can use this air tool to remove masonry to accommodate space for a window or doorway, and you can use it to smooth the edges of a hole for your basement sump pump. Always make sure you have the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) for the task at hand. Concrete demo jobs result in plenty of dust and larger airborne projectiles.

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