Tips for Successful Floor Stripping

If your home’s hardwood floors are starting to look scratched and worn out, you may be a good candidate for a floor stripping project. With tools from a company that offers equipment rentals, you will be able to remove your floor’s old finish in no time. Before you embark on your project, make sure that you are armed with the knowledge and tools that are needed to effectively remove the finish from your floors. Let’s take a look at some essential tips for successful floor stripping.

Spread the Stripper Evenly

To remove the old finish from your hardwood floors, you will need to treat the surface of your hardwoods with a floor stripping product. During the first phase of your procedure, spread an even layer of the stripping agent across the entire surface of your floor. After the product has been applied, let it sit for at least ten minutes.

Use a Power Agitator

Rather than scrubbing the finish of your floor by hand, consider renting power tools for your project. A power agitator will contain strong scrubbers that are designed to remove your hardwood finish down to be bare wood. Your tool rental can save you time and energy while you are stripping your floors.

Make Sure that the Finish Is Totally Removed

After you have gone over the entire surface of your hardwood floor with the power agitator, your floors should be completely stripped. If you notice shiny patches across your floors, this is an indication that you need to reapply the solution and remove the lingering bits of finish.

For help with your floor stripping project, contact the team at A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Our company offers top quality equipment rentals in Redwood City, and we can help you choose the air tools or garden equipment that you need to redo your home. Give us a call at (650) 369-2992 to hear all about the different types of flooring maintenance equipment that we have in stock.

Spotlight on Our Bobcat Tractor Rentals

The fall season is a great time to prepare your yard for the upcoming winter months. Rather than performing your major yard work with handheld tools, you may want to rent tractors and other supplies from A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Our Bobcat tractors offer the durability needed to accomplish your toughest tasks. Let’s take a quick look at some of the Bobcat tractor rentals that we offer to homeowners.

Bobcat Skidsteer S220

The Bobcat Skidsteer S220 is the largest and most capable member of our lineup of Bobcat tractors. This commanding tractor is able to demolish, grade, push, and haul the heaviest materials around your lot. When you operate the Skidsteer S220, you will also have clear visibility of your worksite. If you are seeking a tractor that is ready to get the job done, you may want to consider renting the Skidsteer S220 from our facility.

Bobcat Skidsteer S70

In many cases, you may not need the biggest tractor in our inventory. If you are looking for a compact tractor that is still tough enough to accomplish many tasks around your property, the Skidsteer S70 might be the best choice for your needs. Since this tractor is only three feet wide, it can fit through narrow enclosures and navigate tight spaces.

Bobcat Skidsteer S130

The Bobcat Skidsteer S130 is a midrange tractor that is both versatile and powerful. With a turning radius of only six feet, the Skidsteer S130 is able to get around in crowded yards and tricky excavation sites. Many of our customers find that the Skidsteer S130 is ideally suited for both commercial and residential use.

To take a tour of our tractors serving Oakland, be sure to visit the A-1 Equipment Rental Center facility. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with top of the line moving equipment and air tools in the Bay Area, and we can answer your questions about all of our Bobcat tractor rentals. For additional information about our inventory and pricing options, call (650) 369-2992.

How to Keep Your Hedges in Top Condition

If you want your yard to look its best, make sure to trim your hedges regularly. In this video, you will learn some essential tips and tricks that will help you to maintain your hedges. In order to trim your hedges correctly, consider renting a hedger from a company that offers equipment rentals. A power hedger can be used to keep your hedge’s size and shape under control.

Whether you are seeking air tools or garden equipment, A-1 Equipment Rental Center can provide you with an assortment of equipment rentals in Redwood City. With our help, you will be able to rent the tools that you need to maintain your yard, throughout every season of the year.

How to Use Lighting at an Outdoor Event

If you want to enjoy the fall season with your family and friends, consider hosting an event that takes place outdoors. To make sure that your event keeps going after the sun goes down, you will need to obtain special outdoor lighting from a company that offers generators and party rentals. The right lighting design can add ambiance and appeal to your outdoor venue. Here are some ideas that will help you use lighting at your next outdoor event.

Determine Your Key Gathering Spaces

When you are creating a lighting design for an outdoor event, you will need to determine where your lights will be critical for your guests. Ideally, you will want to illuminate your seating areas, dining areas, and the pathways that lead to and from your parking area. Once you have an idea of where you will need to place your lighting, you will have a better sense of the quantity and type of outdoor lighting fixtures that you will need for your event.

Consider Renting Outdoor Tents

Outdoor tent rentals can be used to support your lights. Whether you choose to rent string lights, spotlights, or glamorous chandeliers, all of these lighting units can be easily suspended from an outdoor tent rental. Along with helping you to set up your lights, your tents can also provide your guests with shelter from inclement weather.

Find Portable Sources of Power

In order to use your outdoor lights, you will need to hook up lighting fixtures to some source of outdoor power. While some types of lights are battery or solar operated, others need to be connected to an electrical grid. If plugging your lights into an extension cord will not be possible, think about scheduling a generator rental.

When you are in need of party rentals in San Francisco, look no further than the extensive inventory that is offered by A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Our company specializes in wedding rentals, and we can provide you with gorgeous lighting and tents for rent. Call (650) 369-2992 to reserve our equipment for your big day.

Choosing the Right Wood to Build Your Backyard Deck

If you want to increase your home’s outdoor living space, you may want to consider building a backyard deck. With equipment rentals from a first rate facility, you can check out all of the tools that are required for your deck construction project. Along with picking up the appropriate air tools, you will also need to choose the right wood for your installation. Durable hardwoods, such as redwood or cedar, are terrific choices for outdoor decks. To achieve superior weather resistance, you can also think about using pressure-treated lumber.

At A-1 Equipment Rental Center, our team of staff will be there to support you during your deck building project. We offer all sorts of equipment rentals in San Francisco, including air tools, augers, and other specialized devices. To hear more about how we can help you build the beautiful outdoor deck that you have always wanted for your home, give us a call at (650) 369-2992.

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