A Look at the Features of Our Mobile Utility Scaffolding

Mobile utility scaffolds are ideal for a range of projects that require height but can’t be performed using a ladder. At A-1 Rental Center, we offer both scaffold bases and upper sections among our equipment rentals, allowing you to get just the right pieces for your project. Our mobile utility scaffolding is easily customizable and simple to use, making it popular with DIYers and professionals alike. Here is a closer look at some of the features of our scaffolding units.

Adjustable Performance Heights

Our scaffolds can be adjusted in 3” increments, with a base height of 1’8” up to 5’8”. It is easy to adjust the height without tools, to get the right working platform for your job. For jobs that require additional height, it is easy to add additional upper section platforms until you achieve the right positioning. With additional sections, the scaffold can reach heights of 24’. Outriggers are also available, as are guardrails for additional safety.

Adaptable Placements

The scaffolding is easily adaptable to a wide range of working conditions. It can be adapted to fit on stairs, uneven surfaces, and ramps with ease. It can also easily be placed over furniture and other floor obstacles, so you can save time on prepping the space. All scaffold adaptations can be completed without tools.

Easy Portability

Space is frequently at a premium on job sites, and doorways and other obstacles can make it difficult to maneuver equipment. Our scaffolding is the size of a standard ladder when it is disassembled, so it is easy to store and will fit through any doorway. Opening the scaffold for use and folding it down again is quick and can be completed without tools.

To rent a scaffold in Redwood City, contact A-1 Rental Center. We also offer a huge selection of other equipment rentals, so you get everything you need for your job in one place. Reserve your scaffold today by calling (650) 369-2992.

What Are the Grace Periods on Our Rentals?

A-1 Rental Center offers flexible equipment rental terms, allowing you to get the tools you need for your project for an adequate amount of time, without paying for time you don’t need. To ensure that our tools are ready for the next renter, we ask customers to return their equipment at the agreed-upon time. However, we understand that things happen, so we allow a grace period to accommodate for those unexpected bumps in the road.

The grace period on our equipment rentals varies, depending on the length of the original rental. Our hourly rentals have the shortest grace period. We allow five minutes before charging for the next hour. Daily rentals have a one-hour grace period before the equipment is considered late. When equipment is returned after the grace period, pro-rated rental rates will be charged.

If you have questions about your Redwood City equipment rental from A-1 Rental Center, contact us. Call (650) 369-2992, and we will be happy to address any questions you may have about our tool rental service

Removing Wallpaper with a Steamer

Wallpaper can be notoriously hard to remove if you don’t have the right equipment. If your project involves wallpaper removal, add a steamer to your list of equipment rentals to get the job done.

Watch this video to see how to remove wallpaper with a steamer. The steamer helps to dissolve the adhesive, so that the wallpaper peels off easily. Take care when peeling so as not to damage the wall underneath.

A-1 Rental Center has all of the equipment rentals you need for everything from weekend DIY projects to full-scale construction, from drills to scaffolding. For equipment rentals in Redwood City, please call (650) 369-2992.

Answering Questions About Compactor Use

Using a compactor can be more challenging than it might seem at first glance. When you rent a compactor, there are many different factors to consider to make sure the job gets done the right way. The equipment rental company can answer many of your questions about choosing and using a compactor. Here are the answers to some of the questions users have most often about compactors.

Do compactors work on all types of soil?

All types of soil can be compacted, but different types of soil respond better to different kinds of compaction. Check the soil you will be working on to determine if it is granular or cohesive. If the soil is granular, it will crumble quickly if you mold it into a shape, and it will feel coarse when you touch it. Granular soil also looks grainy and coarse. For compacting granular soil, choose a compactor that uses vibration.

Cohesive soil feels smooth and silky to the touch. It is moldable when wet and hard when dry. Because this soil is denser, it responds better to compactors that use impact force instead of vibration to squeeze out water and air.

What size compactor do I need?

The size of the compactor you need depends on the job you are doing. Forward vibration plates are good for small hardscape and landscapes. Small and medium reversible plates can work on these areas, as well as slightly large outdoor areas. Large, reversible plates are typically used for professional jobs, because of their size and difficulty of use. Roller and rammers both work in larger spaces with space of maneuverability.

Do I need to take any safety precautions?

Many compactors have built-in systems that turn the machine off automatically if the operator gets too close. Compactors can be surprisingly powerful, and they require the operator to have enough strength to keep them under control. It’s best to test the compactor before you start operating it to get a feel for the strength it requires.

A-1 Rental Center offers a variety of compactors for rent in Redwood City, so you can be sure to find the right one for your needs. Reserve an equipment rental or find out more about our product selection by calling (650) 369-2992.

Dealing with Dirt with a Bobcat Sweeper Attachment

Everyone from dedicated DIYers to experienced construction crews is familiar with Bobcat products. A-1 Rental Center has a full line of Bobcat attachments in our equipment rental selection, to help with the completion of jobs of all sizes. One such attachment we offer is the sweeper attachment to simplify cleaning jobs for a range of industrial and municipal sites.

The sweeper attachment lets you sweep dirt and debris and then collect it and dispose of it in a single attachment. It is perfect for sweeping sidewalks, parking lots, docks, warehouses, and much more. For additional functionality, it can be operated in forward and reverse. The device can be rented for as little as three hours or as much as four weeks at a time.

Get the tools you need for every project without the expense of owning them with the help of A-1 Rental Center. Call us today at (650) 369-2992 for much more information about renting drills, tractors, attachments, air tools, and augers in Redwood City.

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