How to Prepare Your Landscaping for the Winter Months

With the arrival of cooler temperatures, many homeowners turn their attention to their landscaping and wonder what steps they should take to get it ready for winter weather. If you’re pondering what gardening equipment and tools to pick up from your local equipment rental center this season, then continue reading for advice on how to prepare your landscaping for the winter months.

Fertilize Grass and Trees

There are a number of steps that you can take now to help ensure that your lawn stays healthy through the winter and is well-prepared for the next growing season, and one of these is to fertilize. Feeding your landscaping in fall is a smart way to promote a healthy root system for your lawn, and it is also a good strategy for helping your trees make it through the winter with less dieback.

Aerate Compacted Soil

Over time, it’s normal for soil to be compressed due to foot traffic and other factors. While soil compaction is a normal process, it’s one that shouldn’t be left ignored because when soil becomes compacted, water, oxygen, and nutrients may have more trouble making it to the roots of your grass. To help promote a healthy lawn and prepare it for winter, now can be a great time to combat soil compaction with aeration, which involves punching small holes into the ground. You can get started with this project by borrowing a soil aerator from a local equipment rental center.

Continue Lawn Care

Once warm weather subsides, many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring their landscaping until the following spring. However, to keep your lawn and garden healthy through the winter months and prepare it for next year, you shouldn’t stop caring for your landscaping just because the temperatures drop. Instead, continue mowing your lawn as long as is it still growing and, unless the ground freezes, you should keep watering your garden as well.

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Home Improvement Projects to Complete Before Your Holiday Guests Arrive

Using your tools and some equipment rentals, there are quite a few simple tasks you can tackle to help get your house prepared for visitors. Continue reading for some ideas on home improvement projects to do before your guests arrive for the holidays.

Upgrade Your Hardware

You may be amazed by how significant an effect new hardware can have on the look of your home. Inspect things like your doorknobs, faucets, shower heads, drawer pulls, and cabinetry handles, and then consider replacing any old or dated pieces with new hardware.

Install Outdoor Lighting

While you may know the ins and outs of your landscaping and can navigate it even in the dark, leaving your guests to find their way to your door without sufficient lighting on winter evenings may lead to dangerous slips and trips. To help prevent any accidents on your property this holiday season, make sure that you have plenty of outdoor lighting and remember to replace any dead bulbs.

Close Up Drafts

Utility bills tend to increase when guests are present, as more water, gas, and electricity are used. However, you can help keep your power bills climbing by addressing leaks that let your conditioned air escape outside. To help prevent higher heating bills this season, use caulk to seal up leaky windows and install door sweeps under your exterior doors.

Power Wash Walkways

Is your driveway mottled because of dirt and grime, or are your walkways a different color than when you had them installed? If so, then these parts of your property may benefit from power washing. To give these hardscaping elements a quick facelift before your holiday guests arrive, consider borrowing a power washer from a local equipment rental center and giving them a good cleaning.

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Features to Include in Your New Outdoor Living Space

Have you been perusing equipment rental products because you want to prepare your outdoor areas for backyard entertaining this season? If so, then read on to learn a few of the features you should consider including in your new outdoor living space.

A Privacy Screen

While not an essential, having a privacy screen may prove invaluable when it comes to creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor space for your family and friends to enjoy. If your yard doesn’t benefit from much privacy, then consider using plants, curtains, or screens around your outdoor living area.

A Fire Feature

Few things feel as cozy as gathering around a fire with friends and family. To have the opportunity to do this in your outdoor living space, you will need to install a fire feature, such as a fireplace, fire bowl, or fire pit. Features like these can do wonders for adding comfort and atmosphere to your backyard.

A Water Feature

At the other end of the elemental spectrum is water, and including a water feature in your outdoor living space can inspire a wonderful sense of calm and tranquility. Water features like ponds, fountains, and water gardens can vary greatly in style and size, meaning that there is something to suit just about any backyard design.

Plenty of Lighting

A great outdoor living space is one that can be enjoyed not only during the day but at night as well. For this reason, a good lighting setup should be considered essential for your project. When choosing your lighting, keep in mind that having multiple sources of light can generate a more pleasing effect than just one or two and that bulbs that are warmer in tone can create a more inviting atmosphere than cooler ones.

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DIY Table Planning Tips for Future Brides

As you may already know, there is more to planning your wedding’s seating arrangements than choosing which tables and chairs to rent from your local party rental service. To help ensure that everyone can find their seat on your big day, watch this video for some DIY table planning tips.

Start by considering how many guests and tables you will have, as well as how the tables will be arranged in the room. Next, use an app or sticky notes to plan the seating arrangement. Then, so that everyone will be able to find their seat, either arrange escort cards in alphabetical order or create a table plan board organized by table number.

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Top Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle This Fall

Are you ready to break out the toolbox or head to your favorite equipment rental center to stock up on home improvement supplies, but you aren’t sure which projects to start? If so, then read on to learn some of the top home maintenance tasks to tackle in fall.

Clean the Gutters

No one wants to deal with their gutters, but ignoring this part of the home can lead to problems like mold growth, foundation cracks, and roof damage. If you feel comfortable taking on this fall maintenance task yourself, then be sure to use a ladder that is in good condition and mind all ladder-use safety precautions. Otherwise, consider hiring a professional to get the gunk out of your gutters.

Seal Up Cracks

A home that has holes, gaps, or cracks in its exterior can be more at risk for pest infestations than one that doesn’t. You can help ensure that bugs and rodents don’t take up residence in your home as the weather turns cooler by repairing torn vent screens, caulking gaps in siding, sealing up leaky windows, and installing door sweeps. Besides keeping pests outside, taking steps like these can help insulate your home and reduce your heating costs this season.

Fertilize the Lawn

Did you know that grass that gets cared for in autumn can be healthier and more beautiful the following summer? Many people agree that fall is the best time to feed your lawn because the roots keep growing even as the leaf growth slows down. Besides fertilizing your yard, now can be a good time to fill in bare spots with seed, aerate your soil, and take care of any weed problems. So you can look forward to a lush, green lawn once warm weather returns, take time now to fertilize and care for your lawn.

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