Quick Tips for Perfect Patios

Laying a perfect patio starts with a solid base. First, obtain all of the equipment rentals you’ll need, like a compactor. Then, once you’ve dug up the sod, added gravel, and leveled it, it’s time to install the restraints. You can see a demonstration of this when you watch the accompanying video.

Screed one inch of sand and lay the pavers on top in whichever pattern you want. You should only screed out one section of sand at a time to make your project more manageable. Then, watch the remainder of the video to see how to deal with oddly shaped spaces and the paver edging. Finish off your patio by using a compactor over the pavers, adding polymeric jointing sand, and using the compactor again.

You’ll find all of the equipment you need to build a patio at A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Call (650) 369-2992 to inquire about available equipment rentals in Redwood City, CA.

A Step-by-Step Guide for New Generator Users

Electricity is a must-have for powering modern life, and sometimes, you need electricity where none is available. The solution is to rent a portable gas generator. Generators are perfectly safe to operate as long as you follow some simple precautions.


The electrical capacity of generators varies from one model to the next. Check with the rental company for advice on choosing the right size of generator for your needs. Never try to overload a generator, as this can cause equipment malfunction. It can also inflict damage on the connected appliances.


Where you place the portable generator is a key consideration, as improper placement can place people at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Generators are never safe to use indoors. Never operate a generator inside a garage, basement, shed, tent, or any other enclosed or partially enclosed areas. Additionally, the generator should be placed far away from doors and windows. Standard smoke alarms cannot detect carbon monoxide gas. Any nearby building should be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors.


It’s absolutely essential that you never plug the generator into a wall outlet to power your home. This is dangerous and can be fatal. It’s known as backfeeding. The generator sends electricity out into the grid, which can electrocute your neighbors or utility workers. Instead, you can plug appliances directly into the generator. If you use an extension cord, select a heavy-duty extension cord labeled for exterior use. It must be capable of handling the amps you’ll require of it. Double-check all extension cords for signs of damage before using them.


You may need to refuel the generator at some point. If so, turn it off and wait for it to cool down. Then, add the gasoline. Store extra gas in approved containers, and keep them outside of living areas. A locked shed is ideal.

Call (650) 369-2992, and let a friendly associate at A-1 Equipment Rental Center help you find the right generator for your needs. We have multiple models of generators to choose from in Redwood City, CA, including quiet generators. Contractors and DIYers love our low rates!

Spotlight on Chipping Hammers

Chipping hammers put the power of a jackhammer into a small, lightweight, handheld tool. This air tool is useful for chipping away at concrete on vertical surfaces. It can even be used on overhead surfaces. Chipping hammers are ideal for projects that require precision and finesse. To use it, you’ll grasp the handle at the back and place your other hand on the shaft. This gives you better control over the angle and direction.

You can use this air tool to remove masonry to accommodate space for a window or doorway, and you can use it to smooth the edges of a hole for your basement sump pump. Always make sure you have the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) for the task at hand. Concrete demo jobs result in plenty of dust and larger airborne projectiles.

You can rent a high-quality chipping hammer by the day, week, or month at A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Call (650) 369-2992 for information about this and other equipment rentals available near San Mateo, CA.

Projects You Can Do with a Crawler Backhoe

Crawler backhoes are tractors used for excavating. They are a delight to operate, as the boom provides good maneuverability and the digging bucket can easily power through tough jobs. Backhoes are also versatile. You can rent one to lend a hand building permanent structures, or to use as hardscaping and gardening equipment.


Before you can build up, you must first dig down. Use your rented crawler backhoe to dig large diameter post holes. First, you need to clear your building project with the local building inspector. Make sure you contact the utility company, just in case there may be buried lines in the area. The company will send someone out to mark the lines with flags. Then, outline the holes to be dug before taking the wheel of the backhoe. This tractor is particularly useful in areas with large rocks in the soil. You can easily set these aside with the backhoe. Once your holes are excavated, you’re ready to set the posts in concrete.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

A couple of hours with a backhoe can accomplish more than you could do all day with a shovel. Rent this tractor to create a beautiful pond in your backyard. Add a waterproof liner, fill it with water, and plant flowers and greenery around the edges for added visual appeal. You can also remove stubborn tree stumps with ease with a backhoe, or dig up live trees and shrubs for transplanting elsewhere. Backhoes can easily lift large boulders. Position them in strategic locations to enhance the aesthetics of your landscaping.


Planning to throw an outdoor party? You can rent a crawler backhoe to dig a pit for a pig roast. The pit should be roughly twice as large as the pig. If you have a 100-pound pig, you’ll need a hole about 2.5 feet deep.

Visit A-1 Equipment Rental Center for all of the heavy machinery and power tools you’ll need for your project. Our versatile 54-inch crawler backhoe is a particularly popular type of rental equipment in Redwood City, CA. You can get in touch today at (650) 369-2992, and browse our website to view our other tractors.

The Most Efficient Way to Illuminate Your Outdoor Party

Your outdoor party can be a resounding success with a little planning. For instance, some party rentals, like outdoor lighting, can extend the celebration into the evening hours. There are two main approaches to outdoor lighting: Functional and decorative. For best results, you should combine both. First, choose a towable light tower from a party rental company to provide practical lighting for a large group. This powerful light can reliably illuminate five to seven acres—making it the perfect choice for a wedding or other sizable get-together.

Next, add accent lighting in strategic locations to set the mood. Vintage-style lanterns or oil lamps are a good choice for the tables. Hang strings of white lights from the trees or on the gazebo. Be sure to get the type labeled for exterior use.

A-1 Equipment Rental Center is your go-to source for reliable party rentals in Redwood City, CA, including towable light towers. Get in touch today at (650) 369-2992, and let us know how we can make yours an event to remember.

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