Exploring Your Options for Street Closure Signs

If you need to do some work on the road or close off the street for a block party, street closure signs can be of service. These equipment rentals come in different configurations, but lights, barricades, and light boards are the most common. Keep reading if you’re interested in exploring your options for street closure signs.


No matter why you need to close the street down, everyone else needs to recognize that the street is closed. Your street closure needs to be visible at night, but the right equipment rental service will offer you plenty of options. A barricade flasher is a tool that you can rent for a reasonable price, and it doesn’t require more than a 6V battery to do its job. This kind of light turns off automatically when daytime brings natural light around again, so it even conserves its own battery.


Typically, if you are going to use a barricade flasher to make a street closure more visible, you’ll place it on top of a barricade. Equipment rental companies often offer 2 types of barricades: wood and steel. Both types of barricades are strong and durable, and they can stand up to the weather over long periods of time. Each type also features bright colors for added visibility, and barricade flashers help them stand out even more.

Light Boards

Lights and barricades are simple tools to use when you close a street, but a light board is a little more elaborate. This is an electronic board that depicts an arrow or a message notifying drivers of what to expect up ahead. If you want to go green and save some money, ask your equipment rental service about a solar powered light board.

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Easy Strategies for Removing Wallpaper

Sometimes it helps to get creative when solving a problem, but other times the solution is straightforward. With the right equipment rentals, removing old wallpaper is a breeze. Watch this video for some easy strategies.

The key behind easy wallpaper removal is the stripping solution. Just mix a few gallons of warm water with a few ounces of solution, soak the stripping fabric in the mixture. Hang the fabric up against the wallpaper, and then go over the same section with a spray bottle full of the solution. Keep the sheets of fabric up for 20 minutes, take them down, and slowly pull back strips of wallpaper.

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DIY Lawn Dethatching: What You Need to Know

Lawn dethatching isn’t always necessary, but it can be extremely helpful in certain circumstances. The equipment rentals you choose will determine how difficult the project is, so you should know where to get what you need. Then, look into how the dethatching process works and why it’s done so you have a full understanding of the practice. Read ahead to find out what you need to know.

What You’ll Need and Where to Get It

If you’re looking to dethatch your lawn so you can improve your curb appeal, the primary tool you’ll use is called a lawn dethatcher. Those who don’t already have a lawn dethatcher at their disposal can typically find one at an equipment rental facility. You should also have fuel for your machine as well as garbage bags and a leaf rake, most of which you can get at a hardware store. A lawn dethatcher isn’t always necessary, but modern equipment rental makes it easy to acquire if it turns out you need it.

How to Dethatch Your Lawn

People usually dethatch their lawns during the early springtime. Start by removing hard or sharp objects from your lawn, like pinecones and rocks. Then, you can set the height and spacing of the blades so they don’t dig too far into the soil. Once you make sure that the engine is getting oil, pull the starter and wait for the engine to warm up. From here, all you need to do is use the dethatcher across your entire lawn and then pick up the thatch that is left over.

Why Dethatching Helps

Thatch is the layer between the grass blades you see and the soil underneath, which is usually comprised of roots and dead grass. Dethatching gets rid of these counterproductive elements and helps you control weeds and moss, so you can enjoy a pristine lawn.

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A Guide to Buffing and Polishing Your Floors

Regular upkeep will preserve your floor’s beautiful aesthetic and extend its working life, so this simple task is well worth your while. You will need certain equipment rentals, and the professionals can steer you in the right direction. As easy as maintenance can be, it’s important that you know how to do it safely. Here’s a guide to buffing and polishing your floors.

Tools and Equipment

Before you can start buffing and polishing your floors, you need to make sure you have the right equipment on hand. If you don’t, you can always talk to your equipment rental service to find out what you need. In terms of buffing and polishing floors, one of the only pieces of actual equipment that you’ll need is a floor-buffing machine. A standup buffer is preferable when you’re maintaining your floors, but you should understand how to use it before you get started.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Whenever you prepare to polish your floor, don’t forget to mop it first. This removes dust, dirt, and debris that get in the way and even scratch your hardwood floor. Mop the entire area thoroughly, then wait 15 minutes before polishing. Clearing out the debris protects your floor from scratches and helps it absorb the polish, so you can expect your floor to stay nice and shiny.

Safety Tips

Although buffing and polishing your floors doesn’t sound like a dangerous task, there are some hazards that you might not think of until you run into them. Equipment rental services make standup floor-buffing machines available to you, but it’s your job to ensure that you use them properly. Be ready for the high speeds that your buffer runs at, and prepare yourself with gloves, glasses, and other protective equipment.

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Choosing the Right Concrete Mixer for Your Project

Concrete projects can be tricky because you need to make sure you get the job done before the concrete sets. The type of equipment you use will play an important role, so talk to your equipment rental professionals about mixers. Keep reading for help in choosing the right concrete mixer for your project.

Two of the types of concrete mixers that you should know about are the towable mixer and the knock down concrete mixer. The towable mixer comes in 6CF and 8CF versions, and it’s often a good choice if you intend to work with corrosive materials. Both versions of this kind of mixer make it easy to clean up after the job is done, making it a nice equipment rental option. The knockdown concrete mixer offers impressive mixing power while minimizing the time it takes to finish your project. It’s also portable, and even one individual can transport the unit with ease.

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