How to Use Lighting at an Outdoor Event

If you want to enjoy the fall season with your family and friends, consider hosting an event that takes place outdoors. To make sure that your event keeps going after the sun goes down, you will need to obtain special outdoor lighting from a company that offers generators and party rentals. The right lighting design can add ambiance and appeal to your outdoor venue. Here are some ideas that will help you use lighting at your next outdoor event.

Determine Your Key Gathering Spaces

When you are creating a lighting design for an outdoor event, you will need to determine where your lights will be critical for your guests. Ideally, you will want to illuminate your seating areas, dining areas, and the pathways that lead to and from your parking area. Once you have an idea of where you will need to place your lighting, you will have a better sense of the quantity and type of outdoor lighting fixtures that you will need for your event.

Consider Renting Outdoor Tents

Outdoor tent rentals can be used to support your lights. Whether you choose to rent string lights, spotlights, or glamorous chandeliers, all of these lighting units can be easily suspended from an outdoor tent rental. Along with helping you to set up your lights, your tents can also provide your guests with shelter from inclement weather.

Find Portable Sources of Power

In order to use your outdoor lights, you will need to hook up lighting fixtures to some source of outdoor power. While some types of lights are battery or solar operated, others need to be connected to an electrical grid. If plugging your lights into an extension cord will not be possible, think about scheduling a generator rental.

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Choosing the Right Wood to Build Your Backyard Deck

If you want to increase your home’s outdoor living space, you may want to consider building a backyard deck. With equipment rentals from a first rate facility, you can check out all of the tools that are required for your deck construction project. Along with picking up the appropriate air tools, you will also need to choose the right wood for your installation. Durable hardwoods, such as redwood or cedar, are terrific choices for outdoor decks. To achieve superior weather resistance, you can also think about using pressure-treated lumber.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Pressure Washer

Before you use a pressure washer for the first time, make sure that you identify all of its major features and attachments. This video will provide you with a handy guide to setting up a pressure washer for the first time. Most pressure washers are equipped with pull strings, control panels, and hose attachments. The staff at a company that offers equipment rentals can help you use your pressure washer correctly.

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When Should I Use a Jigsaw?

Construction projects can be extremely intricate, which means you might need a whole arsenal of equipment rentals like drills and saws to make sure you’re prepared for the task. Part of what makes a jigsaw unique is the fine blade that you can use to make curved lines in an array of different materials. Continue reading for more on when you should use a jigsaw.

Not all types of saws are capable of the same cuts, and you don’t want the project to stop short when you realize you don’t have any tools that can make round cuts. Not only is a jigsaw capable of cutting curves, but it’s also portable. It’s not always going to be wood that you’re cutting through, which is another consideration to keep in mind. If you need to make round cuts in materials like drywall or steel, a jigsaw may be your go-to piece of equipment.

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Tips for Using a Wet-Dry Vacuum to Clean Up Water Damage

Water damage is associated with a host of serious problems that can fester in your space and lead to costly repairs and even health hazards. That’s why you should get ahold of the necessary equipment rentals as soon as possible. Keep air circulating while using your vacuum, and look for problem signs on your furniture. Continue reading for more on these wet-dry vacuum tips.

Get to It Immediately

Many people fail to take water damage seriously enough because they don’t interpret what they see as a real threat. What starts as a small water spot can end up turning into serious structural damage. You can protect your space from damage with the right equipment rentals, but you need to get to the problem quickly. Talk to your equipment rental professionals about a wet-dry vacuum. This is an excellent tool for cleaning up water damage, and the professionals can help you find the right one without wasting any time.

Keep Air Moving

If you’re cleaning up water damage, you want the air to keep moving. Airflow helps the water dry out, so it’s a helpful complement to your wet-dry vacuum. You can make sure air keeps moving throughout your house by keeping the doors and windows open while using your equipment rental. You should also run ceiling fans and box fans for extra circulation. Keep the air moving to facilitate the drying process while you remove water with your vacuum.

Inspect Furniture and Belongings

Water damage is sometimes accompanied by mold, which you might come across while cleaning up. If any furniture is still moist or looks like it has been affected by water damage, remove it from the area and clean it separately. Anything that continues to leak water can cause water damage, so don’t forget your furniture.

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