Need a Lift? Check Out These Equipment Rental Options


Many home improvement projects require you to work under a heavy object or high above the ground. Unfortunately, these situations can pose a threat if you’re not careful. Use the following rental equipment to stay safe while working around your home.

Durable Ladder: Chores like branch trimming and gutter cleaning require you to get up off the ground. These tasks also come with the risk of falling, but you can mitigate these dangers with the right ladder. Choose the highest quality of ladder at the tool rental center to ensure your repairs are stable and safe.

Hydraulic Lift: It can be almost impossible to perform repairs on the bottoms of heavy furniture. Friends and family can help hold up the end of a heavy dresser or shelf, but performing repairs in these conditions is dangerous. Instead, rent a hydraulic lift for all your heavy furniture repair needs—maximum strength hydraulic lifts can actually raise 20 tons of weight to over a foot above the ground.

Convenient Scaffold: Ladders aren’t always the best choice for elevated maintenance. Jobs like painting or detailing need a steady platform to work on for hours at a time. Thankfully, rental scaffolds can meet all of these needs with ease. Scaffolds are adjustable, too, so you can utilize this rental equipment for numerous projects.

Reliable Hoist: More homeowners are now using their own garage as a personal auto shop. Car components are extremely heavy, so it’s no surprise that home mechanics may need to rent a lift to finish a repair. Engine replacement or removal, for example, is exceptionally easier with the help of an engine hoist. This tool makes it easy for you to hook up your engine and safely raise it out of the bay. The hoist holds the engine in place until you are ready for reinstallation.

Contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center, in San Mateo, at (650) 369-2992 if your home improvement project needs ladders or scaffolds. Our diverse inventory and informative staff members can help you wrap up big projects in a single weekend.

Upgrade Your Flooring the Right Way with These Useful Tools


Dingy and damaged flooring detracts from the overall beauty of your home. Luckily, you can easily and conveniently maintain aging flooring materials with high-powered rental tools. This overview of flooring tools demonstrates how you can upgrade your floors in one short weekend.

Polish Jobs: Almost all types of flooring materials can be polished to a beautiful sheen. The benefits of polish are more than purely cosmetic, too. This surface treatment also helps to protect floors from scratches and other types of light damage. You can polish your own floors with the help of a rental floor machine. Be sure to choose a unit with a safety switch and sufficient horsepower for your job. These features are integral to an efficient and injury-free weekend with a floor polisher. Run the machine over concrete, hardwood, and natural stone to bring out your floor’s best appearance.

Concrete Prep: Concrete floors are nearly impossible to maintain without the right tools. That’s why you should rent an electronic concrete grinder to prep and repair your concrete floors. These compact pieces of rental equipment are perfect for leveling uneven surfaces and repairing worn concrete. In addition, you can use the grinder to remove paint from floor surfaces. This feature is especially helpful if you are interested in adding new colors to your home.

Carpet Corrections: Carpet flooring is another material that requires special tools to upgrade. Carpet irons and carpet trimmers are especially useful if you are attempting to re-carpet your home. Carpet irons, for example, make it easy for you to make perfect seams. Similarly, carpet trimmers allow you to remove loose fibers without unraveling the carpet. Use these tools in tandem to mimic professional carpet installation quality.

San Mateo homeowners can contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center for all their flooring tool needs. Connect with us at (650) 369-2992 if you have any questions about equipment or truck rental. You can also visit us online to read our customer reviews.

More On What A-1 Equipment Rental Center Has To Offer You

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It is hard work to keep your property looking great. Yet, access to commercial rental tools can help to ease the strain and reduce the time it takes to tend to your yard and home. Call the tool and truck rental experts of A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992, in San Mateo, for more information on our rental policies and high-quality equipment.

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Exploring A-1 Rental Center's Compaction Equipment Selection

Soil in hand

There are several benefits to soil compaction at your home—compacted soil is extremely stable, resists water seepage, and is significantly less likely to settle. A-1 Equipment Rental Center can simplify your soil compaction project with our commercial grade rental equipment. Use this product preview to choose a soil compactor that meets the needs of your project.

Jumping Jacks: Small jumping jack compactors are perfect for homeowners with small yards and minimal compacting needs. Be sure to choose a rental unit with a self-cleaning drum. This feature ensures that your jumping jack compactor stays problem-free during your rental time. Another important feature for your jumping jack compactor is an anti-vibration system. The reduced feedback from the compactor will limit user fatigue and is recommended for first-time renters. Work with a professional at A-1 to determine the exact compactor size that your project requires.

Vibratory Plates: Vibratory plates are the next size of rental compaction equipment available at the A-1 Rental Center. Industry standard vibratory plates are manually powered and heavy—these machines weigh well over a hundred pounds. However, what these lose in portability, they gain in power. These full-sized tools can compact sand and gravel with ease. Plus, reverse operation models are available for extra convenience.

Ride-On Roller: Professional contractors and homeowners with huge lawns should invest in a ride-on roller rental. These self-propelled compactors that you can ride are powerful enough to lay down sidewalks and parking lots and repair asphalt gravel roads. Ride-on rollers also allow renters to work for longer periods of time. The comfortable seat and high vantage point help riders work more quickly and efficiently.

One call to (650) 369-2992 puts you in touch with A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Connect with our staff members to learn more about our rental equipment inventory and rental policies. You can also get driving directions to our San Mateo location.

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