Going On Tour? Don't Forget the Trailer!

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Whether you’re in a band or part of a traveling sales crew, your next tour is not complete without a trailer. Within your trailer you'll be able to carry all your gear, which can encompass amps and guitars or promotional materials and presentation accessories. An equipment rental company can help you begin and complete a successful tour with the right trailer for your needs.

Preventing theft is one of the foremost concerns for many traveling musicians, as it can be easy for unsecured gear to be stolen. A trailer is an ideal place to secure and store your gear while you make overnight stops. It can also protect valuable sales materials and company property. When you do select a rental trailer, check out how well it can be secured. It also helps to park your trailer in a well-lit space that is visible from your lodging area.

Using a dedicated trailer for transportation of your equipment can also help facilitate loading and unloading, which save a lot of time for your next performance or presentation. Set-up is one of the most time-consuming endeavors of any traveling gig, so it can help to have a dedicated storage space for the transport of your gear.

Renting a trailer from a truck rental company also gives you more room within your other vehicles for additional members, equipment, or just breathing room. Your band or company can also rent a vehicle to pull the trailer, saving your own vehicles from incurring extra mileage and enabling you to carry heavier loads. But regardless of the vehicle you choose, make sure you read up on proper trailer safety to keep everyone (and everything) safe.

Visit A-1 Equipment Rental Center in Redwood City to learn about our full range of equipment and truck rental services. You can also contact us online or at (650) 369-2992 if you would like to learn more about our selection and terms.

Curious About What Else Awaits You At A-1 Equipment Rental Center?

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In our recent blog posts, we discussed how to choose the right type of drill, what kinds of equipment you can rent when giving your home a makeover, and what you’ll need for your next new home construction project. If you enjoyed these topics, then be sure to check out these great resources from around the Web for even more information.

· Check out this article from ThisOldHouse.com for some techniques on using a drill for smaller jobs.

· Visit this page from NAHB.org for some great information on remodeling your existing home compared to moving.

· Take a look at this slideshow on HGTV.com for some great tips on painting your home like a pro.

· Find out how to increase your curb appeal with some landscaping upgrades to your home on this page from LandscapingNetwork.com.

· Read this article from FrontDoor.com to find out how adding a fence can increase the privacy, value, and beauty of your home.

Contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center, in San Mateo, at (650) 369-2992 to rent the tools or equipment you need for your next home renovation or construction project.

Essential Equipment to Have When Starting a New Home Build

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Home construction requires plenty of equipment and manpower to get the job done correctly. With the right selections from an equipment rental company, you can facilitate workflow and provide the right environment for a safe site. Some must-have equipment for any new home builder or renovator includes:

Ladders: Accessibility is one of the chief concerns on any building site, and ladders can help your workers get to where they need to be safely. Quality ladders can make a big difference in many job conditions.

Light Towers: Lighting your site can extend your work hours by allowing multi-shift crews to continue building even after dark. Quality light towers from your equipment rental company are vital to the safety of your worksite as well. High visibility enables workers to be more efficient and careful during the job.

Gas Generators: Powering your light towers and other equipment can be done by gas generators. These generators provide their own sources of power for reliable operation in areas where you do not yet have sources of municipal power or wish to stay off of the grid.

Concrete Mixers: Many new home builds require plenty of concrete, so having mixing machines on hand is an added convenience. This helps you stay within your timeline and helps you stay within your budget.

Material Handling Equipment: Heavy lifting is best done with the assistance of dollies and other handling equipment. You can move more raw materials in less time by having your workers use these and other tools.

Tools: Don't forget to stock up on essentials, such as electric power drills, jackhammers, and the like. By choosing a quality equipment rental company with a wide selection, you can get just about everything you need for a streamlined site and a thorough home build project.

Contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center at (650) 369-2992 to learn about the tools and equipment we have to offer. Let us help your next new home go up safely and quickly. Visit our website to browse our inventory of available rental equipment.

DIY Jackhammer Usage

Removing concrete or asphalt from your property can be made much easier by using a jackhammer. You may find an electric jackhammer is just fine for asphalt or tar, but a high-powered compressor jackhammer is more ideal for concrete.

This video carries some tips on safe jackhammer usage, including how to follow the set up instructions offered by your equipment rental company. Jackhammers typically come with two bits, one that is pointed for creating deep cracks in concrete and a chisel bit for breaking out large chunks of material. Use eye and ear protection prior to using a jackhammer. Safe operation includes keeping the jackhammer pointed straight up and down, being aware of the air hose position, and using short bursts of the hammer. Watch this video for additional tips.

A-1 Equipment Rental Center in San Mateo can help you choose the perfect jackhammer for your next job. Visit us online or call (650) 369-2992 to learn more about our selection of tools and equipment rentals that can help you get the job done. 

Equipment to Rent When You Want to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

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Many home improvement upgrades can be facilitated with the right equipment rentals. Whether you're adding a new fence, painting your home, or remodeling an area, the right tools and equipment are necessary to get the job done quickly and correctly. Read on to learn how the right tools and equipment can help you give your home the fresh new look you’ve been dreaming of.


Giving the exterior of your home a new look requires that the surface be cleaned and prepared prior to applying paint. A power washer is excellent for getting rid of caked-on soil and can even assist in stripping old layers of damaged paint. When you're ready to begin painting your home, using a lightweight powered sprayer can help you apply several coats in a short amount of time. Both of these tools are available at A-1 Equipment Rental Center.

Lawn and Garden

Adding curb appeal to your home can include landscaping, gardening, or adding architectural features such as a new fence or patio. Post-hole diggers can help take a lot of the labor out of building a fence, while various saws and trimmers can help tame your yard. Hardscaping can be made easier with a suite of concrete equipment that helps mix, lay, and finish a new patio or walkway. Stop by A-1 Equipment Rental Center to learn more about our lawn and garden rental equipment.


Adding a new room or upgrading an old one is labor-intensive. Make these types of jobs easier with scaffolding, ladders, light towers, and more from your local equipment rental service. The exact equipment you’ll need depends on the nature of your home improvement project, so stop by A-1 Equipment Rental today to consult with a knowledgeable member of our staff. Your next home improvement project can end with added curb appeal and beauty for your home when you have the right equipment for the job.

A-1 Equipment Rental Center has all the tools and equipment you need to get your next job done. Visit us online for additional information, or contact us at (650) 369-2992 today. We look forwards to providing you with all of the rental tools and equipment you will ever need.

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