How to Use Lighting at an Outdoor Event

If you want to enjoy the fall season with your family and friends, consider hosting an event that takes place outdoors. To make sure that your event keeps going after the sun goes down, you will need to obtain special outdoor lighting from a company that offers generators and party rentals. The right lighting design can add ambiance and appeal to your outdoor venue. Here are some ideas that will help you use lighting at your next outdoor event.

Determine Your Key Gathering Spaces

When you are creating a lighting design for an outdoor event, you will need to determine where your lights will be critical for your guests. Ideally, you will want to illuminate your seating areas, dining areas, and the pathways that lead to and from your parking area. Once you have an idea of where you will need to place your lighting, you will have a better sense of the quantity and type of outdoor lighting fixtures that you will need for your event.

Consider Renting Outdoor Tents

Outdoor tent rentals can be used to support your lights. Whether you choose to rent string lights, spotlights, or glamorous chandeliers, all of these lighting units can be easily suspended from an outdoor tent rental. Along with helping you to set up your lights, your tents can also provide your guests with shelter from inclement weather.

Find Portable Sources of Power

In order to use your outdoor lights, you will need to hook up lighting fixtures to some source of outdoor power. While some types of lights are battery or solar operated, others need to be connected to an electrical grid. If plugging your lights into an extension cord will not be possible, think about scheduling a generator rental.

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