Answering Common Questions About Excavators

Excavators are commonly used on construction sites and major renovation projects. When you are selecting equipment rentals for your next big construction project, chances are that you will need to reserve an excavator rental. By learning the basics about excavators before you pick up your rental equipment, you will be able to use your machinery safely. Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about excavators.

What is the purpose of an excavator?

An excavator is a powerful piece of machinery that can serve several different functions around a construction site. With its powerful backhoe and incredible lifting abilities, an excavator can dig up and move large amounts of soil, wood, and other heavy objects. Excavators can also be used to transport construction materials from one area of a site to a different location.

How do I operate my excavator?

In order to operate an excavator, you will need to receive an operator’s license. The licensing process ensures that operators are fully knowledgeable about how to safely use their equipment. Once you have passed your excavator licensing exam, you will know how to operate the control panels, perform equipment safety checks, and prevent accidents and injuries when using your equipment.

What type of excavator is right for my needs?

When you visit your equipment rental center, you will have several different types of excavators available for your project. As a general rule, it is important to remember that larger excavators offer heavier load capacities. If you are in need of machinery that can lift and move large amounts of soil, you may want to rent a larger excavator.

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