Tools That You Should Rent Instead of Buy

Having a well-stocked workshop is a source of pride for many homeowners. When you embark on a major renovation or construction project around your home, however, you may find that there you are in need of specialty tools that are not currently in your collection. A company that offers equipment rentals can help you rent the equipment that you may only use every once in a while. Here is an overview of some tools that you may want to rent, instead of buying them outright.

Tile Saw

When you are doing work in your bathroom, you may find that you need to cut tile to fit in your shower enclosure or along your bathtub. Rather than purchasing a cheap tile saw, you may want to consider renting a professional-grade unit. A high-quality tile saw will provide you with accurate cuts and enough power to cut through thick tile.

Power Auger

Digging post holes by hand is an extremely labor-intensive procedure. If you are creating a new fence for your property, it might be a good idea to rent a power auger. Since you will probably only use the power auger once, it is a smart idea to rent, rather than buy, this specialty equipment.

Yard Tiller

When you are preparing your garden for summer, you can improve your soil through tilling. A company that offers garden equipment rentals can provide you with a durable tiller that is ready to turn up your dirt. A tiller is a very bulky item, so you can save space in your garage by renting this equipment, instead of buying it outright.

If you have a list of equipment rentals that you will need for your upcoming project, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center. We carry a wide range of equipment rentals in Redwood City, and we will be happy to tell you more about all of the air tools and saws that we have in stock. For more details about the benefit of renting your tools from us, give us a call at (650) 369-2992.

Spotlight on the Bobcat Compact Excavator

When you rent a Bobcat Compact Excavator from a company that offers equipment rentals, you will want to get to know your equipment before you start your project. This video from Bobcat Company will provide you with an overview of the different features of their Compact Excavator model. With its maneuverable tracks and convenient controls, the Bobcat Compact Excavator is perfect for residential use.

For additional information about augers and excavators, get in touch with A-1 Equipment Rental Center by calling (650) 369-2992. We are pleased to offer air tools, excavators, and tractors serving Oakland, and our team can help you choose the right equipment rentals for your project.

Remember These Tips When Remodeling Your Landscaping

The landscaping around your home will have a major impact on the overall value and appeal of your property. If your trees, bushes, and lawn have started to look tired or unhealthy, it may be time to create a new landscaping design for your backyard. By choosing equipment rentals, you will be able to perform a majority of the work on your own. Here is an overview of some essential tips to remember when you are remodeling your landscaping.

Focus On Your Edges

A beautiful landscape design relies on strong edges or boundaries between the lawn and your other landscaping elements. If your lawn is able to grow over into your garden beds, your landscaping will have a messy look. Edging materials or hardscaping elements can both be used to form a solid boundary between the edges of your grass and the surrounding soil.

Choose Quality Soil

When you are ready to start planting new trees or shrubs around your landscaping, you will want to make sure that your plants are rooted in good quality soil. Soil that has a high clay or sand content may not provide the nutrients that your plants will need to thrive. An excavator can be used to remove your property’s original soil and replace it with nutritious dirt.

Add Plenty of Drainage

Drainage is a key element in any successful landscape design. Once you have chosen the plants for your landscaping, you will want to make sure that their root systems receive plenty of drainage. A drainage system can also direct water away from your home’s concrete slab foundation.

At A-1 Equipment Rental Center, we will be thrilled to provide you with quality tractors and other equipment rentals near San Jose. Our company carries a great selection of garden equipment, including air tools, mowers, and other devices. To hear more about how our friendly team of staff can help you pick out your landscaping tools, give us a call at (650) 369-2992.

Do I Need a Landscape Rake?

Throughout the summer season, your trees and other plants may shed their leaves and branches. If your yard is starting to look cluttered with debris, it may be time to check out a landscape rake from a center that offers equipment rentals in your nearby area. A landscape rake is much larger than a conventional rake, and this handy tool will make it very easy to collect large piles of leaves and other yard waste. By renting a landscape rake, you can streamline your yard cleanup process significantly.

Whether you are looking for garden equipment, or you are seeking backup generators in San Mateo, the team at A-1 Equipment Rental Center will be there to assist you. Our expansive, two and a half acre facility is fully stocked with air compressors, garden tools, and many other types of equipment. If you are interested in renting a landscape rake from our company, give us a call at (650) 369-2992.

Consider These Party Rental Options for Your Big Neighborhood Get-Together

When school lets out for the summer, you and your neighbors may start planning your seasonal block party. By bringing your neighborhood together for fun, food, and entertainment, a neighborhood block party is a perfect way to celebrate the summer season. By sourcing party rentals before the big day, you can ensure that you have all of the equipment that you will need to host your party. Let’s take a look at some party rental options to consider for your neighborhood party.

Party Chairs and Tables

If the majority of your party will be taking place outdoors, you will want to make sure that your guests have plenty of places to sit. Renting party chairs and tables will allow you to provide seating for everyone in your neighborhood. You will also find that your lightweight table and chair rentals are easy to set up and take down.

Party Tents

During a hot summer’s day, direct sunlight can create hot and sweaty conditions on your block. To make sure that your neighbors have plenty of spaces to seek shade and cool off, it is a terrific idea to rent party tents. These shade structures can be placed over your tables, chairs, and other activity centers.

Party Games

Party games can provide entertainment for neighbors of all ages. The young children in your neighborhood will be especially grateful to have fun party supplies to play with during the course of the get-together. A party supply rental company will typically have an assortment of games in stock at their warehouse.

To start planning your neighborhood block party, contact A-1 Equipment Rental Center to learn more about our party rentals in Oakland. We proudly offer a variety of party supplies, including table and chair rentals, tents for rent, and party games. Give us a call at (650) 369-2992 to learn all about the party rental supplies that we will be able to provide for your neighborhood festivities.

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