How to Prepare Your Backyard for Outdoor Party Season

It's already summer and you may be starting to plan ahead for all of the fun get-togethers that you will be hosting in your backyard during the coming months. Before you have your guests over for a summer fiesta, however, it is important to take the time to clean up your landscaping and prepare your hardscaping surfaces for entertaining. Air compressors and other tools can add ease and convenience to your backyard preparations. Here is a look at three ways to get your backyard ready for the outdoor party season.

Consider Adding Hardscaping Elements

When you host a large number of guests in your backyard, the added foot traffic can put stress on your lawn and garden. In order to prepare your property for entertaining, it is a great idea to add hardscaping elements to high traffic areas. A stone footpath or concrete patio will look attractive, and will also protect the rest of your garden from damage.

Trim Overgrown Trees and Shrubs

As you spend more time in your backyard during the summer, you may start to notice that your trees and shrubs have gotten overgrown during the spring season. Before the start of the summer entertaining season, you may want to rent clippers in order to trim back your overgrown plants.

Pressure Wash Concrete Surfaces

Over the course of the winter and spring, heavy rains and cool temperatures can cause moss and mildew to grow on the concrete surfaces throughout your yard. In order to prepare your backyard for entertaining, you can rent a pressure washer so that you can return your concrete to a clean and appealing condition.

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How to Keep Your Extension Cords Organized

When you rent air compressors and other tools, you may find that you have a number of extension cords in your workshop. In this video from This Old House, you will learn how to keep your extension cords organized and free from damage. To protect your extension cords when they are in storage, you should always coil them neatly. The over-under technique can be used to perfectly coil your extension cord, every time.

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Equipment Rental Essentials for Installing a Cobblestone Walkway

A cobblestone walkway will provide your landscape design with incredible charm and appeal. When you embark on a cobblestone walkway installation for your backyard, you should be sure to visit a facility that offers a range of equipment rentals. Some essential pieces of equipment for your cobblestone walkway installation include concrete mixing equipment, wire mesh reinforcements, and brick laying tools. If you are unfamiliar with the process of mixing and pouring concrete, you may want to call in an expert craftsman for assistance.

When you visit A-1 Equipment Rental Center, we will offer the augers, air tools, and other types of equipment that you will need for projects around your home. We proudly carry a wide range of equipment rentals in Redwood City, and we can answer any questions that you may have about your cobblestone walkway project. Call (650) 369-2992 to reserve your concrete mixing equipment today.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Pergola

The summer sun can make your backyard hot and unappealing during the peak hours of the day. To add extra shade to your garden this summer, it is a great idea to construct a backyard pergola. Using a few, simple tools that you can find at a store that offers equipment rentals, you will be able to build a stylish and functional pergola for your property. Let’s review some of the essential steps that are involved in building a pergola for a residential space.

Step One: Find the Right Space

The first step of building a pergola is to plan out your design carefully. Before you start the pergola construction process, you will need to find an area of your backyard that is far away from mature trees and underground roots. You may also need to receive a building permit from your local authorities.

Step Two: Choose Your Materials

Pergolas are typically constructed out of wood materials that have been treated for weather resistance. Sturdy wood species, such as cedar, are popular choices for pergola designs. Along with selecting the wooden materials for your pergola construction, you will also need to pick out a stain or other type of treatment that will help to protect your final construction from the elements.

Step Three: Assemble Your Design

Once you have created your plans and purchased your tools and materials, you will be ready to start building your pergola. Since a pergola construction can involve setting posts, installing crossbeams, and mounting rafters, you may want to enlist the help of your friends and family during the construction process.

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Give Your Hardscaping a Facelift Using a Pressure Washer

Hardscaping provides your property with structural support and visual appeal. From stone retaining walls to walkway pavers and more, you may have many different hardscaping elements throughout your front and backyards. If you've started to notice that your hardscaping is covered in dirt, moss, or other types of grime, it may be time to pick up a pressure washer from a local facility that offers equipment rentals. Using a pressure washer, you will be able to safely and gently remove dirt from your hardscaping and restore its original beauty and integrity.

If you would like to rent air compressors in Redwood City, be sure to make a trip to A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Our facility carries a wide inventory of air tools, such as blowers, air compressors, and nail guns. For additional information about how we can help you restore the beauty of your backyard this spring, give us a call at (650) 369-2992.

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